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I Was Told To Get My Paws On A Christening Gown And I Was Successful

By Hilma K. Keebler
I was happy to hear that my sister was going to have twins, and I told her that I would do whatever I could to help, which evidently meant that I had to hunt down a christening gown and while it was tough, I pulled through and did a good job. We knew that twins were on the way, but it turned out that they were fraternal twins, which meant that there was only one gown that I needed to find, while the clothes for my new nephew were going to be taken care of by another family member.

Since both outfits would be white, there was no need to me to find a match in terms of ruffles or other frills, although I hoped he wouldn’t be in something too frilly. In my mind, I had envisioned a bunch of happy little christening gown stores that would be wonderful and amazing to visit, but when I went to find them, there were none to be found, which made me feel dumb and silly.

Disheartened, I drove my little car back home and figured that without an imaginary shop, the next best thing would be to get online and do an exhaustive search for what might be the right gown, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence. I was astonished, then when I learned that there was a wonderful website that had a fantastic selection of gowns that were just part of a larger collection of white clothing for other kinds of religious events.

I looked through all of the various gowns that could be purchased on this website and took my time before making up my mind, but when I did, I had a gown that I loved, but wasn’t completely sure that my sister would. When the package showed up on the doorstep, I took it out of the box and marveled at how utterly cute it looked and I could totally envision my tiny niece in the gown I had chosen.

The twins arrived right on their due date, and I rushed down to the hospital to see them and hold them in my arms, and it was just a wonderful little moment that I will always cherish for as long as I live. As soon as my sister had gotten out of the hospital, I drove to her house to let her see the gown that I had bought, and the moment that she saw it, she squealed with glee and let me know that she approved of my choice one hundred percent.

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