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I Have Been Completely Thrilled With The Christening Dress I Found

By Giovani J. Hudson
Of all of the things that I did to prepare for the birth of my new daughter, buying a christening dress was one I did not think about since I was so intent on getting the baby’s room ready and overall mentally preparing myself for the new addition to our family. This is not to say that I didn’t care about the christening, I just was so occupied with other things I just didn’t think about it, but when my mother-in-law started asking me what we were doing for the christening, I knew I had better make some plans.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to drive around looking for a christening dress, so I figured I would just go online and do a wide Internet search so that I could find a dress that would make everyone ooh and aah, and allow me to get back to the thousand other things I had to get ready for the baby. My online search was luckily, quite fruitful, and it was not too long before I had found the website for a wonderful company that sold a wide variety of religious clothing.

It took me quite a while to settle on a dress, because they were all so adorable and I just kept picturing how sweet my little daughter would look in one of these remarkable little dresses, but I was finally able to choose one. Once I picked a dress, I knew it would be completely perfect on my new daughter, and I could not wait for both the dress and my daughter to arrive.

I placed the order and informed my mother-in-law that the dress was on its way, which did not do much to satisfy her, but there was nothing more I could do at that point. The package arrived soon and the dress was approved by the important family members, which finally quieted all the hubbub about it until it was revealed that we had not actually booked a venue for the christening, which set off a whole new round of indignation.

We finally got the christening all arranged, and when the baby arrived, we were able to bask in some peaceful days with our new darling baby, before the christening battle started up again when my mother-in-law called with several more complaints about the arrangements we had made. When the big day arrived, everyone agreed that my daughter was definitely the most adorable thing that anyone had ever seen, and I had several people ask me where I had found such a stunning dress, and I was pleased to tell them!

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