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How YWAM DTS Locations Have Grown

By Krystal Branch
YWAM DTS Locations are aplenty and are growing all the time. It is difficult to keep up with all of the mission bases all of the world and one has to think carefully before going off to one of these schools. It is a big decision that you must take which is why you must weigh up all of your options before you head off over there.

One usually takes part in a three month lecture phase and the other part is composed of a mission where you will go to some part of the world and preach the gospel. There could be a particular theme involved. You may go and help kids who have AIDS or you could evangelize by playing soccer or by surfing.

This all depends on what you are actually interested in. You may have a passion for something in particular and this can be useful for how you can get your message across. There are various tools that you can use and you will learn about these in the lecture phase so you will be well prepared before you go out in the mission field.

When the organization first started out in Hawaii, there were only a few locations, but this has grown and it is still growing. There are people who are staring up new training locations all over the world. Some are in cities and others are in rural areas. It just depends on where they have been called to go.

When you go on outreach there will be a couple of choices. Usually this depends on the number of students in the class, but normally there are two or three options available. Sometimes there is something local so you won’t have to pay as much and there will be something which you may have to travel some distance to as well.

Some kids don’t realize that you can get involved with Christianity if you are a skateboarder or a surfer because it is not the done thing. This is why it is nice to evangelize in a certain way by getting down to their level. You will perform tricks on skateboards and bikes and afterwards you will evangelize with them. This has been very successful.

You have to know what you want out of this and this will determine where you will land up. You may have a certain calling for the people of South America, for example. If you are keen on soccer then this may be the time where you can talk to people in Brazil at the World Cup. You will be taught how to do this during the lecture phase.

You will also split up in smaller groups in your during your YWAM DTS locations and you will find that this is a better way to form teams. The numbers will depend on where you are based. Some areas are more popular than others so this is why you have to do the necessary research. You have to weigh up the options and find out what you want from this in order to progress.

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