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How To Write Good Poems Of Encouragement

By Dawn Williams
Poems of encouragement are used to encourage people who are going through a tough time or a difficult situation. It is not something that you just dribble down rather it is something that you take time to write. Below are ideas that you can use when writing verses that can inspire people.

One of the things that you should do is to go in a quiet place and sit still. Being still tends to quiet your mind opening the thoughts of encouragement to find their way through your heart and later enabling you to write them out. Sitting in a place that is noisy and congested will just have you distracted and confused and you might end up writing something that is useful to one and others.

The other thing that you should have is time, as encouragement takes a long time to be formed. You should not be in a hurry when writing a poem but take your time and ensure that you have covered the areas of concern. Finding the right message might take a while, thus there is no rush when writing the poem.

You should ensure that the environment is conducive when it comes to writing poems of encouragement. If need be, you can put some background music that will set the mood that you are aiming to achieve. You should feel as comfortable and as inspired as possible to be able to pass the same message to others.

When searching for materials to write down in the poem, one can use prompts to write something that is original. Prompts are known to create original thoughts the. This can be used to ensure that your writing are always kept original and new, something that encourages both oneself and others.

Another method to be original is by writing from another person point of view. Looking at something or a situation not in your shoes but in the eyes of a different person, or expressing ideas how another person would have done is a great idea. Try to figure out their feelings and emotions. Instead of using certain words you can use imagery as a means of being as original as possible.

Once you have the idea of what you are going to write, you should avoid distraction until the poem is done. Moving up and down or taking several days to write a poem might make the flow of the poem to die out, or the inspiration that was there to disappear. When you start writing a poem ensures that you have seen it through before engaging in other activities.

Poems of encouragement go a long way because you might end up giving hope to someone that you were not expecting. Do not lose hope when you write and not give up on writing, write as much as you can and strive to be original every time you write. Being unique is not an easy task but when you believe in yourself and work hard, chances of writing a poem that is original are high.

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