How To Tie An Urban Turban

By Claudine MacDonald
The style of dressing that an individual chooses to wear is a matter of choice and personal preferences. Various items of clothing are available that people could use to accomplish the goal of satisfying their tastes and keeping warm. An urban turban is among the popular articles worn as headdresses. They have been used for a long time especially among members of certain religions. Hindus and Muslim religions are the most common users of this headdress. Various dealers and manufacturers supply the market with these products to feed the demand from these individuals.

These items of clothing are just plain sheets of cloth that are folded systematically into the designs that people wear. As expected, you have a wide variety of designs that you could use to fold the material on the head. These enhance uniqueness, which is an important aspect of any trend in the fashion industry.

The cloth could be made of any material such as cotton, nylon or other fibers. Take the cloth and put it on top of your head. Leave an allowance of about eight inches below hanging on the neck. The cloth is quite long and therefore you should have a substantial length of cloth on your face.

Put the cloth on top of your head and use your free hand to hold it in place. Pull the front backwards on the right side of your head to circumvent the head surface. The tension should be just enough for comfort of your head.

As you already know, the headgear comes with a slight tilt to the right and back. Traditional religious groups who introduced the garment preferred this look. You should have a mental image of what you want to achieve with the garment and try as much as possible to stick to the traditional practices. It is good to be before a mirror so that you can monitor your progress and achievement of the desired results. Very few people can master the art of tying the headgear without having to look into a mirror.

One thing you should always keep in mind when folding the cloth is that the final two feet should be in horizontal orientation. This orientation is what gives the cloth its characteristic looks. The final fringes of the cloth should not be left hanging as this would be untidy. They should be pushed under one of the wraps to complete the look. However, they should be pushed under one of the lower wraps for neatness.

Depending on the progress you make and what you were hopping to achieve with the wrapping, you can tilt the head gear as required. If you have seen others wearing the same garment, copy the appearance of theirs onto yours. It should look as traditional as possible.

It is possible for one to be unable to tie the urban turban appropriately especially when doing it for the first time. In such cases, he/she has to seek the assistance of friends and family to complete the job. However, the helper has to be experienced in doing these wraps.

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