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How To Make Wall Crosses

By Lana Bray
Making wall crosses is a very good hobby for religious people and for those who have a very artistic tendency. The best part is, it is so much more affordable to make one than to go down to the store and buy one. For those who want to make a cross for their living room or any part of their house, here is a guide on how to do it.

Now the first thing to do would be to shop for all the necessary materials in the local woodwork store. The things that one will be needing are some old newspapers, two small planks of wood, a small hand saw, and some spray paint that may come in different colors. All the other decorations and extra things will come later when the cross has been made.

To begin, take the two wooden planks and try to place them together in order to form the cross. If the planks are a little thick, then one must chop off a small portion of the longer plank and place the smaller plank inside the hole. To make sure it sticks, use a little bit of glue or try tying it with a small rope.

Once the wooden cross has already been made, the next step would be to put some spray paint on it. First, lay the newspaper on the floor and place the cross there. The newspaper will allow the artist to paint the cross without getting any stains on his floor.

In this part of the process, one may now allow his artistic juices to start flowing out of his head. This part will involve putting some fancy accessories and decorations on the cross like beads, pearls, or just plain glass shards. The decorating of the cross will solely depend on the taste preference of the maker whether he would want something bright or something simple.

Once he has chosen which decorations he would want for the cross, then he should get the super glue and paste it all over the the wood planks. If one would want, he may also use some wood glue as this may be more effective with regard to stickiness and durability. Take note that one should be very careful with these kinds of glues because they can burn the skin if in contact.

When that is done, one should now cover the decorations with another layer of spray paint but not too much so that the decorations can still be seen. One may opt to choose any color that he would want depending on his preference. The reason why one should do this is so that the glue stains will not show because it does not look good if it is seen.

So basically, those are the steps that one should take when trying to make decorative wall crosses for his house. Now if one would not want to deal with connecting the wooden planks together, an alternative to that would be to buy a cross in a store and just decorate it at home. In any case, the finished product will pretty much be the same.

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