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How To Know A Jack Van Impe False Teacher

By Adele Madden
It is actually a common sight these days to find a preacher who is considered to be a Jack Van Impe false teacher. One should know more about these people so that he is not misled to believe about religious things that are not real. If the person is not careful, he might be led astray against his own volition.

It is not rare for people to be faced with a fake prophet. If he senses that the prophet is fake, then it is only fair of him to determine whether it is the truth. He should know that there are several factors that he can keep in mind in order to make sure that the said prophet is not someone who can tell lies and such.

When it comes to identifying the said prophet, there are some things that he has to be aware of. For him to be able to do so, he should start with a prayer. With an earnest prayer, it should be easy for the person to find enlightenment. He should ask God for help so that he can identify a fake prophet from the real one.

Saying a prophecy does not add any rules to the Bible. Instead, it is there so that it can provide assistance for people to apply the Holy Scripture to their daily lives. This is a guide for the people to have a standard of living in accordance to God’s will. This is the prophet’s mission.

The prophets should say things that are according to the Bible. If the prophets are saying things that does not make any sense and cannot be confirmed in the Bible, then that is basically what one would call a lie. There should be no predictions that contradicts the Bible.

The Bible is a powerful script that the person can make use of to guide his way of living. This is one of those tools that he can use so that he can get closer to the will of God. He should use this tool so that he can verify the intentions of the prophet. The prediction of the prophet can be seen in the Bible, after all.

He should also try taking down some notes about the predictions that the said prophet gave. It will be much better for him to examine these notes and then review them to see whether the prophet is really lying or not. He should keep a journal with regards to the predictions of the said prophet.

The notes are also important since this is the best way for the individual to examine their claims. With the notes that he has taken, he can see a glimpse of the truth that the prophet is hiding or trying to bring to light. If he thinks that there is something wrong there, then he should raise his suspicions.

Seeking the truth is fine. This is acceptable especially if he is fastidious enough to seek the will of the Lord. If he seeks the truth, then he should be able to easily identify those real prophets around. He will not be led astray by a Jack Van Impe false teacher anymore.

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