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How To Identify A Jack Van Impe False Prophet

By Jennie Sandoval
There are a lot of people nowadays who are saying that they are the bearer of the news from the Lord. Some of these bearer of the news are actually a Jack Van Impe false prophet. The person should already know the difference between a real sage from a fake one so that he does not get tricked of his faith.

The person should determine properly if the said sage is somehow telling the truth. He should also determine those sages that are telling lies. In order for him to determine this properly, it is only appropriate that he makes a research about it. He needs to study more so that he can rely on his knowledge about the matter.

Since he wants to take this kind of challenge, there are several things that the person can do in order to find out whether the sage is a fake one or a real one. He should be able to identify the wrong ones if he can make use of these tips. Here are the tips that one has to follow for the purpose of identifying fakes.

The first thing that one can do is to pray to the Lord to open his eyes to the truth. Remember that only God can provide him with the right answers and proper solutions to his problems. He should rely on the Lord to open his eyes to the real prophets. It is possible for the Lord to grant this wish, especially when he is earnest.

Be sure to think about the prophecy better. Just because they are prophecies does not mean that they should be added to the Bible. They are not rules to be added to the Bible. They are just there in order to make sure that people has a way to apply the said Scripture to their daily living.

There are times when the words of these sages are contradicting what has been recorded in the Bible. If this happens, then it is safe to assume that the said person is a false prophet. Deciding on whether to believe the sage or not will depend on whether the sage’s words contradict the Bible’s written passages.

Know that the easiest way for the person to identify the said sages is when he makes a research using the Bible. He should know more about what they are predicting. The Bible will serve as a cross-reference for the said task. He should examine it properly and check whether it coincides with each other.

He should also keep in mind that the prophets may not know if what they are preaching is true or not. Just because they are insisting on it does not mean these prophecies are for real. If he believes that they are not real, then it is only proper for him to confront the sage and speak what he is thinking.

There are other things one has to check when he is looking for evidences of how fake the claims of a Jack Van Impe false prophet are. If he can find evidence, he should use the evidence for the good. Make sure that others are aware of the truth some way or another.

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