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How To Do Psychic And Tarot Card Readings

By Harriett Crosby
Now those who are gifted with the ability of foresight might be able to draw out the future of an individual by the use of tarot cards. These psychics, as they are more commonly known as, may be able to use these cards to tell the future of those who would want to know. For those who are curious, here is how psychic and tarot card readings actually work.

The very first step in doing a reading would be to clear the mind and meditate while putting the deck in front of the client. The client of the reader must ask the reader a question or give an issue that the reader must give an answer or a solution to. While concentrating on the question, the clairvoyant will be picking up the deck of cards and will be shuffling them slowly.

One very interesting thing to take note of would be the fact that true clairvoyants do not just stop shuffling randomly as they have the power to know exactly when they should already stop. Once the clairvoyant feels like it is the right time to stop, then he should place the cards on the table and fan them out. Also, with the use of his abilities, he should select five cards that would tell about the life of his client.

The first thing to do would be to get the card that is in the farthest left and show the client what it is. Now this one would represent the situation that happened that caused the question or issue to be read. The reader must explain the meaning of the character that was picked.

After that, turn over the one that is beside the first one and identify which character shows up. Now the second one would symbolize the personality and characteristics of his client which means that the reader will be able to know how the client thinks. As like the first round, the reader has to explain the meaning of the sign.

The third one that will be flipped would illustrate or show what the fears or phobias of the client are. Now take note that the fears that are represented by this character would be the ones that are connected to the question. Now these fears are the main reason as to why the client will not want to address the situation at hand in the first place.

The fourth one is known as the wild card and it will be the sign that will symbolize a turning point in the life of the client. Of course this turning point will be directly related to the question that the client has thought of at first. This is the sign that would lead to the final outcome of the issue.

The final character or sign that would pop out would be the solution of the question. The final sign would actually give the steps or instructions on how to be able to solve the problem. So in a nutshell, the clairvoyant has to use his powers to select five cards and interpret them in order to do psychic and tarot card readings.

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