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How To Choose YWAM DTS Locations

By Lana Bray
There are almost too many YWAM DTS locations to choose from. However, at the end of the day, it is not you who is doing the choosing, but it is God who is directing you. This is why it is important to pray about this and to listen to your heart. You shouldn’t think that this is a vacation or a holiday, because this is not what a DTS is about.

Of course, all of the schools are special and unique, but there are some of them that have a theme attached. This is what attracts many students to the base. Some of the people who like soccer, would love to show the love of Jesus through this ball sport. This is why they choose a DTS like this one.

The first school was started decades ago by the founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham in Switzerland. One would not have thought this would be the first school, but this is where it all happened. This is where God called YWAM to get their schools off the ground. At that stage things were just beginning.

The personal relationship that you develop is really unbelievable as you will soon discover when you are on this course. There are people that come and attend these schools from all over the world. You will also find people who have come straight from school, as well as those who have had a rough life, and this is their way of getting back on track.

Many parents send their kids off on a gap year, because they are not sure what they want to do after school. Sometimes this does not go to well, because they end up meeting people and being in an environment, which is not healthy. However, a school at YWAM is the best thing for kids to get involved with before university.

You may end up going to a very rural area, where the facilities are not good and it may be difficult to adjust in the beginning. This happens a lot if you end up at a third world country where sometimes you have to end up having a cold shower. You may not be used to these sorts of things, but this will definitely build your character. It also builds your relationship with God.

Some people may end up going to the middle of Europe or another first world country where conditions are better. However, when it comes time to go on outreach, things will change. Teams all have to travel together, and although you are close, you will often find you may get too close for comfort. However, you will only build from this.

There are not many people that come back from one of the YWAM DTS locations with bad reports. There are so many experiences that you take out of a school like this. There are even more life lessons that you can pick up after you have had your lectures and it is time for you to go on outreach. Once you pick your base, you will find that there is so much to look forward to.

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