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How To Choose Grave Tombstone Material

By Timothy Tree
The grave tombstone is a marker that is made of stone and used for burials in various religions. There are a large number of designs that can be created for the specific personality and spirit of those who have been laid to rest. The biggest factor in the purchase decision is the type of material that should be used for beautiful craftsmanship and durability.

Granite is regarded among the most popular and desirable materials in construction because it offers a natural beauty and flexibility. The finish of a polished stone delivers a breathtaking shine with inscriptions clearly marked on the surface regardless of exposure to rain, frost, and heat. Although it can be costly, the stone will prove most resistant and does not require ongoing maintenance.

Granite Memorials

Concrete is a cheaper solution created with a mixture of granite, sand, water, and limestone. Largely used in the construction of buildings, it has no longer recommended for headstones. With time and exposure to elements including acid rain the surface will deteriorate, inscriptions will fade, and the entire structure will begin to crumble.

Marble consists of natural patterns and solid construction that is able to withstand a number of harsh environmental conditions. For those who are looking to make use of the substance, it is important to source quality materials to prevent the possibility of deterioration and damage. Markers consisting of marble are not popular and were mainly used till the 1930s.

Limestone is a softer substance that can be applied in the development of structures and provides a considerable strength. There is the option to make use of natural stone that is often transformed into smaller plaques. The placement is flat on the ground with the name and dates of the deceased and may include a metal plaque.

Bronze is a common choice that delivers longer lasting features and can be created to represent beautiful designs. It will not become susceptible to rust and the possibility of fade as with other metals, but rather delivers an exceptional brightness and appeal. If you are not sure which materials are best, consider consulting with reliable funeral homes and cemeteries.

In the selection of a Grave Tombstone, it is important to choose the markers that deliver long lasting results and will not deteriorate. Consider the costs of having to restore or replace a stone structure that has sustained damage because of weathering and possible pest damage. A reliable and reputable retailer can assist in providing the details with regards to the pros and cons of different material choices.

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