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How To Be Saved By Jesus

By Rena Hudson
If you are confused about how to be saved by Jesus, you are not alone. God has a simple plan of salvation, but the act of turning one’s life over to divine control is not easy. The angels rejoice when a person takes this life-changing step, the Bible tells us. Eternal life is the consequence of this act of surrender.

Why do men need to be ‘saved’? God has established a way for sinful humans to enter into family relationship with the holy, perfect deity. Although things are seen as relative and negotiable in this world, the righteousness of God is absolute. He cannot and will not associate with sin; man cannot and usually will not live in holiness. This fact must be accepted by anyone desiring salvation and eternal life.

Fortunately, God, who has given us His law which we all fail to follow to perfection, has made a way of atonement for failure. He gave us free will, so we are free to sin. We are also free to ask for God’s forgiveness, turn from our sinful ways, and accept the blood sacrifice that pays for our sins. This blood is the cleansing, redeeming blood of Jesus.

The decision is not an easy one, and many people who consider themselves Christian never actually and completely surrender. Someone who repeats the ‘sinner’s prayer’ but continues to live life contrary to God’s law has not surrendered the right to make decisions on important matters. For instance, going to church but cheating at cards or at work reveals a lack of submission.

This act of submission is foreign to our ‘human nature’. We, of course, give up our right to operate according to this limited, worldly consciousness when we ask for salvation. Instead, we are able to proceed under God’s grace, which helps us to walk in His way. Turning away from our own decisions in order to let God accomplish His will for our complete good seems like a sensible thing to do, but all struggle even with God’s help and guidance.

Although we sin, this is not to be our expectation or excuse. God has promised to guide us, shine His light in the dark places, restore us, and be our constant helper. We still make mistakes, fail to understand our motives and situations, and fall short of a holy standard.

So how is an unsaved person different from a redeemed one? The redeemed of the Lord have acknowledged that they needed Jesus’s sacrifice as payment for their sins so they could have a relationship with the Father. A saved person has truly repented of sins, asked for forgiveness, and agreed to abide by God’s laws and live under His grace.

The idea of sin and blood sacrifice may seem odd. Actually, it is a just and beautiful thing, that a life be given for a life. We need not die in our sins if we know how to be saved by Jesus and turn our lives over to Him.

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