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How To Be A Better Christian And Have An Encounter With God

By Ava Hudson
Being a good Christian today is a challenge amidst the many temptations that are in the media today. Having an encounter with God does not necessarily mean anything that is supernatural and cosmic. Communication and a higher being would require people to be gloriously enlightened by the Gospel and of the Bible. The path to becoming one was never easy and it should give people the thing that they want to have.

Serving the Lord is one of the ways to be closer to the Father. Using Lord given gifts and talents should make the Lord proud and would also encourage others to find a suitable path for them in the end. People are naturally creative at some points in time. The creator of he universe has limitless creativity as evidenced by the world that he or she has made.

Brothers and sisters who have just accepted Christ in their hearts are encouraged to attend the bible studies that they have. There are many ways to attract people to become one. It should make the person be more encouraged to find out more about Christ. People should begin to make the best out of the things that they wanted to have.

The Lord has always designed life to be filled and challenges that are meant to let us grow and change for the better. The Lord will not put people the challenges that they have faced knowing that the person is not able to conquer it. Everyday living would always be a challenge to the individuals who wanted it to become something else that they want.

Giving is one of the virtues that the Christ aims to instill on His people. This is motivated by the Love of making their fellow brothers and sisters alleviate their suffering. Most of the time, it would be better for the people to make sure of these things.

Develop an inner appreciation of the creations of the Lord being surrounded by it. There is something very special and the way the creator designed the world. It was thought of and planned as a whole. Every detail of the earth has been thought of down to the last particle that people could not even see and their naked eyes.

Volunteerism is a highly encouraged trait that is being promoted by the church. One of the activities of the church is to help those who are in need. It would be best to give the free time to people who needed it. Serving others would allow them to be enlightened and the higher purpose and would also learn how the Lord has loved them even in the midst of hardships.

Reading books that are written by Christian thinkers are the ones which would lead people to new heights. There are some people who would need to make the additional changes that they want to have along the way. It would also allow people some insight to the thoughts and the philosophies that they have.

An encounter with God does not need to be politically motivated in everything that they do. Most of the time, people should begin to count on their blessings. People should realize and be thankful for all the things the Lord has done in their lives.

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