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How Science Explains The Effectiveness Of Angel Energy Healing

By Tiffany Gill
Angel energy healing is very prominent these days especially to those who are believers in alternative medicine. But the explanation on how it works with the healing process can be a bit complicated. Though a nobel prize winner scientist came up with a formula on how to measure it by his theory of relativity. This is even far more complicated than as expected and this is the reason why he was once misunderstood as crazy.

This is to say that vitality can exist as a solid, liquid, gas, or any unidentified non solids and those that cannot be seen through our naked eye. Some examples of the non solids are the x rays and the light beams, while those that cannot be seen are the radioactive waves and the sound waves. And so another question that would come up into your mind, where these originated.

It is said that power is all around. Even your simple blue tooth from you cellular phone do secretes energy. And everyday, our body is exposed to all kinds of power that would be harmful to us if overexposed. Though we cannot see some of them but our other senses can detect them. And that is why we know that it exists.

Though not all power is visible to the naked eye, it can still be detected by some instruments meant to measure them. These instrument can be machines or software that can tell how strong and if it is present. But there is nothing that can measure the power during the healing process but only the body which is very sensitive.

Human body is not just represented by its physical aspect, it possesses other aspects such as mental, emotional, etheric, astral. These aspects produce different types of vitality that may affect other aspects or worse the whole human psyche.

You have already heard about chakras way back from the history of native americans and sometimes being represented as powerful weapons in animated shows. Yes, their representation is possible. This is because chakras are the hard drives of our body. This is where we store different types of power, these energies will be considered memories and these memories will be kept permanently or temporarily.

Chakras which are not used properly or unintentionally overloaded or underloaded will cause a person to feel ill. If the illness comes out physically, then this can be healed by scientific method. But if the illness came out unseen, then this will be the time that a shaman or healer is needed.

To balance your them, what you ought to do is to get rid of negative energies by making yourself more approachable as can be. Do not try to control your life, leave it to the highest power. What you are to do is just to do things that you think that is good for you. An attempt of controlling once life is a trigger for possible problems you ought not to encounter.

Now if you are guided by an angel energy healing. Just cooperate to the power worker you are working with. Again, combining the love and surrender will make you create a more balanced chakras. And this would lead you to complete healing.

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