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How An Individual Can Have Conversations With Jesus

By Alissa Gilliam
The Christian life is full of challenges and deceptions form the devil who is our greatest enemy. Without the presence of our Messiah, most Christians would fall victims of the unrighteous teachings of the devil and fall back to sin. In order to maintain the mutual relationship with our lover, the son of God, we must frequently have some conversations with Jesus.

This explains the high possibilities of the existence of the communication to the Lord of Host. For Christians, it is the forum for receiving everlasting salvation and spiritual nourishment. During the fight or in any battle people consult the experts on how they can easily win the battle once and for and defeat their main enemy.

The question that is still not commonly understood by many people is that how can a human being communicate with Him yet the Messiah is not present in the world, and that the distance between the Heaven and Earth is very far.

The bible teachings are very clear that we as Christians, who are following the Christ true faith, we are able to communicate to God through His son the Messiah and this is mainly done through prayers. However, this privilege has been taken lightly by falls preachers who present themselves to be the true representatives of God on Earth.

They claim that an individual can just receive salvation through telling and confessing their sins loudly as they listen, and they further claim that the more you pay as a tithe the more you receive salvation or the more you are cleansed of your iniquities. They also claim that they are the only people who can communicate and have a conversation with Christ or God at their own pleasure.

These falls teachings are more driving the human beings from receiving the grace and the love that Christ has for us as Christians and so we should stand up ones and shut these people from leading large multitude of human beings towards the gate of the hell. No human beings can represent God on Earth and link His people to Him.

In order to convince more souls in to their sides, they even go ahead and make some idols to represent the humble Son of God as He was being hanged on the cross. They made the picture of Mary the mother of Jesus to act as a link between salvation and the human being and that when you commit sin you just go in pay big inform of tithes and that is how one receive the forgiveness.

Remember that when He was leaving He left us a promise of sending the Holly Spirits to give us guidance throughout the world. Actually for an instruction to be given effectively there must be the aspect of communication taking place.

This however, bible teachings requires an individual to turn his face and look at the son of Man and that by looking at Him on the cross we are able to have conversations with Jesus so that our sins can be forgiven as did that thief on the fateful.

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