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How Are Incense And Religion Linked Together?

By Breanna Brazeal
Since the beginning of time, man has utilized incense to bless his structures. Our ancestors probably understood as soon as they made fire, that tossing in some various items in said flame would ignite and burn clean and pure for their soul.

If you look around the globe, you will be hard pressed to find a society that does not use incense for some sort of spiritual healing purposes. People have long known that a wonderful aroma generated from incense had healing properties and made them feel at ease with the universe.

Introducing Frankincense For Mankind To Enjoy

Before the world recognized Christianity, wonderful scents coming from various herbs and flowers made the best incense, and were many times exchanged for other goods. It is even said that Frankincense was traded similar to gold and silver and was highly regarded as currency. And in most every religion on earth, fragrant scents and powders are recognized as being a blessing from the gods.

Modern Religion and Incense

The utilization of incense in organized religion proceeds as an important and imperative part of some affirmed religions, being utilized to arrange the assembly for request to God and custom. In the Roman Catholic and Eastern temples, incense is a holy.

The Roman Catholic Church has long believed in the importance of using incense in rituals and observances for the benefit of stimulating and cleansing the soul and mind. Nowhere is incense used more though than in the Eastern churches.

The incense we use today is typically is in the form of a powder or sap or woods of trees which, when lit and smoldered, give off a sweet smoke that is ever so fragrant.

While traditionally incense is viewed as a religious cleansing product meant for the spirit, early man likely enjoyed the wonderful scent in more of a generic sense.

Incense in the religious form can be viewed as the symbol of rising smoke mimicking the rise to God and the cloud of smoke that follows the incense around being recognized as an image of purity.

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