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Help Create A Better Community By Spreading Simple Prayers For Humanity

By Bonnie Contreras
With the adverse cataclysms experienced in many parts of globe, it is just about time for people to rather strengthen their spirituality. The tragic circumstances popping in these days may simply come to pass but it is also necessary to be heedful of the number of people who have been crushed down to death as well as the number of communities that have fallen apart. People have seemed to become oblivious of where they actually come from. They forget that somewhere out there is a supernatural being. Thanks to Him, though. There is a powerful tool to alter the tough segments of life. Prayer. So begin to spread prayers for humanity and let the rest of mankind experience peace.

The efficacy of prayer is nothing you can really argue about. Skeptics may seem to disagree with this, but even the modern-day cognitive neuroscientists found a significant link of one’s belief and prayers with reality. What manifests in the real world stems from the thought. And that theory alone simply explains why prayers really work.

Prayer involves mind and emotion. Hence, the stronger thoughts and beliefs are, the easier it is to get what you pray for. It is indeed very powerful. So you should never bother to test its efficacy for if you really are persistent with your affirmations, what will surely prove you wrong.

An uplifting verse taken from Mathew 7:7 states, “Ask and you shall receive”. Here, you can evidently see how merciful God is to the mankind. With constant prayer as well as strong faith, there is nothing impossible in this world.

So if a better life far from clashes or tremors is what you want, find His grace and pray for the changes you long to experience. He has never left His people. He is there at all times. It is only the people who have abandoned Him for whatever cause.

Prayers are meaningful. They work like magnet. They are manipulative forces that attract objects from one end to the other. But of course, you have to be careful on what you are asking for. Think of its consequences. Is this thing you are praying good for you alone? Or is it for the greater good?

Energy flows where attention goes. Prayers spring from your thoughts and fortified by your emotions. Just visualize answered prayers and hold on to those. Believe you can have them and do not fail to thank God as if you really have them. That is how a prayer should work.

The humanity today is in need of everyone’s prayer. The never-ending wars in Western Asia require a huge circle of people not only for a prayer rally but for a blessing of divine guidance. It does not matter who is waging a warfare. What is more important is for these people to know exactly the harms they are about to cause.

The tyranny of these Godless oppressors has never ceased to flourished. Think about the lives that can eventually be destroyed in the process. The whole mankind can benefit from your prayers for sure. So take time each day to say some prayers for humanity.

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