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Having Wonderful Sightings Of Jesus

By Connie Sears
Individuals across America have all heard about sightings of Jesus. Anyone should consider themselves very lucky if they were to meet this man who has changed many lives. Pastors in every church across the U. S. Have spoke about this man’s greatness to every human being that would listen. Southerners practically live by all of the rules that this famous man placed into motion.

A family in South Carolina were having very difficult times and it seemed as though they were about to lose their farm. The father was already working two additional jobs besides doing the work that he did on this particular farm. It was the same struggle for this family of five each and every day of the week and it looked as though things would never get better.

His devoted wife took the time to fix a variety of clothes for people who lived around the area. Every cent that she made was placed into a jar for all necessary household items and bills. The three siblings also made sure that they found part-time positions when school was over. It seemed as though this was still not enough money to make a significant difference. Their local banker would not even help them with this situation.

Life was indeed sad and depressing for everyone living within the household. Even on the saddest days the family still put their trust in God. Going to church was part of their weekly routine and they had a great preacher who would always say good words for them. They became quite familiar with kneeling at the alter each week for a special prayer.

They would get a very warm sensation every time church was over with and this made them really respect the Lord. One night this family had just finished supper and they were all sitting in the living room playing cards when someone started knocking on the door. The lady of the house opened the door to a stranger who wanted to use the telephone.

The telephone call was very short and this stranger was ready to say his goodbyes to the family. He was quite surprised when the man’s wife offered him a hot beverage. After sitting down and making himself comfortable everyone within the living room started to tell him their sad story. From the conversation it was as if this great farm would not survive throughout the year.

This new man could tell that everyone involved was very stressed and tired of their current situation. He wished that he could offer more services to this group but for now he just had to remain silent and listen. He made a promise to everyone that things would get better in the near future.

The group had a strange feeling after this man had left and the dad wondered if they had experienced one of the sightings of Jesus which people spoke about. On a sunny Monday morning this wonderful dad had purchased a lottery ticket just by chance. A few days later he discovered that his ticket had the winning lottery number that was worth millions.

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