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Grief Counseling Online Can Be Advantageous

By Krystal Branch
Professionals feel there is a distinction to be made between loss counseling and loss therapy. Counseling is said to be more appropriate for someone undergoing a normal reaction to death of a loved one. Therapy deals with a deeper sense of loss. Grief counseling online is available for either individual.

One individual may require a minimal amount of counseling to overcome loss. Another person may develop a pathological condition that requires much treatment. If someone rejects the idea of having therapy in person, he or she can be helped by a therapist on the internet.

There is a controversial debate in professional circles regarding the usefulness of bereavement therapy. Some believe it can be harmful under certain circumstances. If the bereaved individual is simply experiencing the normal stages of grief, the therapy can allegedly be harmful. When a pathological condition develops, however, the therapy can be helpful.

Although the succession can vary in some individuals, five stages of grief usually occur in order. They are shock, denial, anger, despair and finally, acceptance. In a pathological case, the bereaved may become stuck in one stage, at which time it turns into a serious condition.

When death of a loved one or a divorce occurs, it can be shocking. The person might have a hard time believing that it happened and turn his or her back on reality for a time. Trying to believe it did may cause anger and rage. This may develop into the fourth stage, which is depression and despair.

With the fifth and final stage, there is acceptance. It is not something he or she is happy about. It does, however, mean that the individual sees the possibility of having happiness in the future.

The professional therapist will tell you that it is necessary to go through the five stages of grieving. If the sadness is repressed it can lead to emotional problems down the road. If a second disastrous event happens soon after, recovery will be that much more difficult.

Any online therapist will have a degree in psychology or social work at the masters level or higher. There is also certification available to prepare for working with bereaved individuals. There are some identified as bereavement counselors who are actually sales representatives who help people arrange funerals.

A potential client should not be hesitant about asking what qualifications an online counselor has. The sales person is a perfectly good choice if you are arranging a burial service. However, if seeking psychological help, someone without qualifications or experience can do actual harm.

The DSM is a reference manual professionals refer to when diagnosing mental disorders. There is a list of criteria that must be met before any pathology can be confirmed. Each illness has its own set of required criteria. Only a certain number from the list must be met for a condition such as clinical depression to be diagnosed.

Counseling is yet another online service that is available. A therapist can be contacted at any time. Many individuals will prefer anonymous treatment. Grief counseling online offers help for those who would not be willing to see a therapist in person. They might not receive assistance in any other way.

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