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Granite Grave Marker Choices

By Esther Clark
A lot goes into handling the details surrounding all the arrangements for a funeral. There is the selection of burial plot, types of flowers preferred, casket choice, music and plenty of other decisions to be made. Perhaps one of the most important matters at hand will be finding a Headstone For Grave marking that suits the tastes and personality of the person it represents.

A gravestone is a lasting reminder of a person’s life and it should be something they would admire and appreciate. They come in many sizes, shapes, designs and styles that make finding a pleasing combination fairly easy. Certain materials even make it possible to step outside the standard color choices of natural gray tones.

Grave Headstone

Available options are going to depend on several different influencing factors. To avoid possibly purchasing a marker that one will not be able to use, it is best to have place of interment settled before choosing a gravestone. Some cemeteries will allow patrons to erect any type of monument they desire, but some have strict guidelines regarding things such as style, height and extra features.

Because it is easier to maintain a well manicured lawn and peaceful landscape, some cemeteries require that all markers be under a certain height, yet other facilities have little to no restrictions. Some styles available are beveled or slanted stones which are unobtrusive and have an angled, easy to read surface, traditional upright stones and obelisks. Each basic type has hundreds of design variations to help make it more personal.

There are several materials that are great to use in these monuments. Substances such as brass, sandstone, slate and marble each make beautiful creations. A vast majority of markers tend to be constructed from bronze and granite because these two are known for their incredible durability against all types of weather conditions as well as their low maintenance and attractiveness.

Customization comes in many different ways. Along with the identifying information, some folks opt to include an inscription of some sort such as a special poem, verse, prayer or scripture. Extra features like benches, planters, cut flower vases, statues, decals, etchings and weather resistant photo frames may also be added to some designs.

Selecting just the right headstone for grave placement means finding the right combination of options. Many things such as budget, preferences, regulations and restrictions imposed by the burial facility will all need to be considered. The main priority should be that it be a proper tribute to the one it is to represent.

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