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Good Sides Of Reaching Self Realization Actualization Stage

By Alison Wilcox
Life course has and will always remain uncertain, as most could have realized. However, everyone has their capacity to reach their goal despite of many bumps on their path. Learning to fight all the obstacles and embracing all the opportunities available to living ones dream is what defines self realization actualization.

It involves a kind of process, which helps us identify the real person in us. It entails becoming wholly aware of ourselves; the opportunities and obstacles on the path towards attaining that goal always wished. Getting to realize ourselves fully brings a kind of satisfaction that in the end enables us to have some inner peace within ourselves and with others.

On the other hand, the process defines that undying effort to realize the full potential in an individual so as to bring the best in them. It means fulfilling and living what you have always dream to be; either doctor, artist or a writer, despite of the opinions or ideas dictated by a people. Once an individual gets to this life phase, there is much to be enjoyed, by both the person and the community at large.

One positive side of reaching self realization actualization stage is that you learn to accept and accommodate all kinds of individuals despite their weaknesses. Remember a basic step towards achieving this stage is through having self-esteem, which is a great human virtue, which comes with self-awareness and finally understanding. One is therefore able to deal with life frustrations and tries to come to reality with those suffering from their fears.

Already in this life phase but not sure about it? Gauge yourself against these qualities of a self realized actualized individual. First, a self aware individual accepts themselves; their strengths and weaknesses. They are proud of their real identity and what this generally means is that they have a high esteem for themselves. Accompanying this trait is an acceptance of the reality. This kind of persons separate real life from fiction; they only deal with that which is of their control and reach.

The next step involves taking full control of your life. What this means is that an individual is answerable to their own failures, frustrations, fears, low opinions got from other people and problems encountered on reaching goals are not blamed on others but instead dealt with at a personal stage. Coupled with this knowledge, one can use these obstacles as a stepping-stone to opportunities, which will help realize their goals.

A major hindrance to arriving at this final stage is lack of information, which is a powerful weapon. Accept to learn everyday from your mistakes as well as those of other people. Use them to bring out the hidden problem solving skill in you.

It is very important you come to a realization that self realization actualization is not a set goal or objective achieved overnight. It is a lifetime process whose impacts can be seen in a positive attitude of an individual towards life, their relation with others in the society, and most important their contributions to the well being of other members.

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