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Good Health With Energy Healing Charlottesville

By Cornelia Reyes
Energy healing Charlottesville therapists fall in the category of complementary or alternative medicine. They have studied how nature transfers energy through various channels in the body and seek to tap that to alleviate pain and make a person more productive. Some of the notable varieties in this field include Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki and touch. Acupuncture also falls in this category.

The foundation of this therapy is that diseases or pain result from a blockage along an energy channel. Discomfort and pain result when it does not get to the intended part. Normalcy can only be restored when the channel is cleared and the patient ushered through the path of recovery. A disconnect between the soul and the body leads to such conditions as depression.

A number of therapy sessions are required for complete healing to take place. Energy manipulation is complemented by such techniques as tapping of the toe, meditation and massage. The body taps these energies from the magnetic fields around the earth. It flows through the system. Regular replenishing is required through music and connecting to nature.

According to experts in this field of medicine, chronic pain results from blocked channels. An area will be inflamed if the flow is obstructed. It does not mean that the part experiencing pain is the affected one. This implies that, pain on the shoulders could be emanating from a blockade at the toe. Other manifestations of obstructed flow include additions that are as a result of anxiety.

Therapy is conducted in a number of ways depending on the condition and environment. They include hand-on contact, hand-off contact and distant or absent contact. Physical presence of the therapist is crucial but not a must. The session can be carried out over the phone where a patient shares about his condition. Some of the details include what is happening in his life and areas where improvements are needed. It is through the conversation that they will identify areas where there is a problem and correct it.

Physical pain can only be treated if the genesis is revealed. The symptoms of any illness, duration and effect on the body are discussed as well. Disclosure of ongoing medication or therapy is necessary as you seek to find a comprehensive approach. This will help the team to avoid conflicting prescriptions that can be disastrous.

Massage forms part of the treatment procedures used to handle various conditions. It is aimed at strengthening, balancing, repairing and clearing the energy channels and pools. Phone or distance therapy requires a controlled, quiet and comfortable environment. It should be free of disruptions and distractions because they affect the flow.

Energy healing Charlottesville services also handle depression or anxiety arising from divorce, terminal illnesses, career shift, death of a close relative or friend as well as traumatic experiences. An effective solution will be found if the patient is candid with and confident in the therapist. There is a new wave of positive energy and thoughts that leads to reassurance of new life. All details shared are regarded as private and confidential.

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