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Give A Beautiful Personalized Cross

By Janelle Burnett
Every milestone in a person’s life is an opportunity to give a gift that holds great sentimental value and may become something the receiver will treasure dearly. This does not have to be a grand gesture as sometimes the simplest item can have the biggest impact. For someone with a deep faith, the gift of a personalized cross could be the perfect option.

Many people have taken comfort in this symbol for thousands of years as it is one that represents their faith. It is a powerful emblem that can be found in hundreds of different designs and formats. Though the possibilities are endless, some of the more common ways are as jewelry, grave and monument markers and as paintings and plaques.

As the premier symbol of the Christian faith, this is a gift option that will carry a very meaningful message to the one receiving it. In all the various denominations of this religion, there are many important events and milestones of life for which this could be the perfect choice of present. Personalizing it may ensure that it will become one of the recipient’s more treasured possessions.

Crosses come in many different styles and types from the simple geometric form to the more intricate Crucifix, Celtic and other artistic designs. Such variety offers ample opportunity to find an item that matches the personality of the recipient. The gift could be made even more sentimental by deciding to have it personalized with passages or information that commemorate the event.

Perhaps the most intimate way to present this symbol is in the form of jewelry. Commonly worn on necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and, in recent years, dog tags, these are only a few of the ways one may show the emblem of their faith as a bold pendant or a demure charm. Engraving one’s initials, name, occasion or date, or attaching a birthstone, makes the gift unique to the holder which increases the sentimental value immensely.

If jewelry is not the right choice for the recipient, there are still hundreds of other options available. Items like key chains, ornaments, keepsake boxes and plaques for walls or decorative tiles are just a few of the many wonderful gifts that could feature this amazing symbol. Some of these even offer the chance to make them more special with the addition of a meaningful verse or prayer.

Treasures of this sort are available in many materials from precious metals to wood, ceramic, glass and stone. A sentimental and respectful statement can be made in any of these formats whether done simply or with great flare. A beautiful gift becomes even more treasured once it has been uniquely identified as belonging to a specific person and presented to mark the passing of an important event in their life.

When choosing a gift for a friend or family member of the Christian faith, selecting one that features a personalized cross could be the perfect choice. Items of this sort are wonderful commemorative options for milestone events such as births, baptisms, confirmations, first communions, weddings and holidays. They are also a touching way to respectfully mark the passing of a loved one.

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