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Getting Involved With Girl Up

By Connie Sears
No matter where in the world they might be, every girl deserves the same opportunities and the same access to resources as any other girl. The Girl Up organization takes this message to heart, and seeks to spread it among as many people as possible. By keeping people informed and involved with the often dire situations of girls in developing countries, they believe that things can be improved.

Girl Up, which is part of the United Nations Foundation, seeks to connect American teens with other girls who live in areas of the world that are not as stable or well supplied as them. To get involved, one of the simplest things that can be done is to donate money. Five dollars or more, which they call a “high five, ” can make a difference when supplying needed things to these girls.

Education is one very important area that is often overlooked in developing areas. Young people may find it difficult to continue with their studies if they are in a situation where they feel they must work to support their families rather than stay in school. For many reasons, it is crucial for girls to be educated, so Girl Up aims to make sure that they do.

Aiding in bringing proper heath care to girls in these situations is crucial. Their access is already limited, but they are also at high risk for early pregnancies, which can be life-threatening if not tended to properly. Not only is their quality of life improved by having access to medical care, their lives may actually be saved.

Tragically, young girls are at very high risk in many of these locations for abuse from those around them. This can leave lasting impacts on them for life, both physical and psychological, and can even result in death in worst-case scenarios. One of the most important things that Girl Up focuses on is helping to reduce that threat as much as possible by taking them out of dangerous situations and by educating them on ways to resist and avoid this type of violence as much as possible.

The impact that social media can have should not be underestimated, and it is put to good use here. They are active on both Twitter and Facebook, and new members can easily find them through these means. Their website is also available for those interested to learn how they may become involved.

Anyone who wishes can also take the initiative to set up an individual chapter. Kits on how to get started are available through the website, and they offer constant support whenever it is needed. Schools may sponsor these clubs, or they may be convened on an independent basis, but however they are formed, they are all welcomed.

Sometimes it can feel like the small things we do are not making a difference, but when they are all added up, they definitely do. Girl Up and those like them make sure that everyone who wants to contribute can do so, even in a small way. Together, the impact can be dramatic, and felt by many girls.

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