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Get To Know A Simple Way Of Self Realization Actualization

By Gloria Mason
There are things which normally prevent folks from getting to self realization actualization. People have to know what these things are if they are to achieve realization. These are things majority of people do daily that result in the hindrance from getting there.

It is normal for people to identify with certain thoughts. Occasionally, this identity presents potential trouble. Occasionally, folks develop very strong identity with such thoughts that the ideas define these people. This deep internalization of the ideas makes people focus on what the outcome will do to them. Questions like, will the results hurt them, make the look good or will it actually make them better crosses their minds frequently. The focus of the attention shifts to the individual and not the for the benefit of all. This actually results in development of worries, fear, arrogance as well as ignorance. This keeps them from being enlightened and makes them develop stress.

Even as people go out in search of self-realization, they have a tendency of approaching it from the perspective of soothing their bloated egos. This occurs every now and then, even when it is clear that this is source of the problem. Too many a times, people do associate these thoughts with supernatural beliefs. However, relating the thoughts and ideas to supernatural phenomena does not matter. As long as folks develop this kind of thinking, they will almost always get into conflict with other people, whether the entire thought process is viewed as spiritual or not.

Dropping the sense of separate and special existence is one of the ways one can actualize self realization. This sense can almost be regarded as individualism. Letting go of this sense broadens your vision past your ego. However, for this to happen, folks have rid their minds off all thoughts, reorganize them, and finally broaden their vision past the thoughts they have. Following these steps will increase your awareness to the surroundings you are in, and broaden your view of things.

The new form of thinking one develops once he or she follows the steps successfully is not rigid. It also lacks boundaries and limitations. More so, it gives a person a better view and awareness about themselves. You get to understand your surroundings much better. This brings about peace within oneself which is the first step in actualizing self realization.

The next step is usually building on the newly gained consciousness. Focus your thoughts and attention in realizing that you are actually conscious. Going forwards, approach life from this conscious perspective. Make efforts to enjoy every moment and the entire experience that you get.

Doing this empowers the real you. Progressive and steady focus on the consciousness will make you win the fight. You subsequently commence breaking the self-centered thoughts. Achieving this feat is not very easy. It needs a lot of effort.

It is very clear that self realization actualization betters performance and satisfaction for every effort made by a person. The oneness you achieve makes radiating this positive energy to others very easy. You become a blessing to the entire humanity.

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