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Garden Stone Memorial Design Style Ideas

By Peggy Lithgo
When an individual passes on, those they leave behind sometimes find it hard to let go. They need some way to cope with their loss and deal with their grief. Having a proper Grave Memorial not only honors the dearly departed, but gives the living a place to physically visit and feel close to the one buried there.

For these reasons, taking time to consider one’s options in site markers is important. The monument should be a reflection of the person it is meant to represent in order to properly honor their memory. Between the various materials and design elements available, there are plenty of opportunities to design the perfect piece.

Cemetery Grave Markers

Each of the materials commonly used for this type of product has its own set of beneficial qualities. Many markers are made from substances like stainless steel, brass, marble, limestone, concrete and wood. The two most popular gravestone construction choices are stainless steel and granite because these two have the advantages of being attractive, low maintenance and possess incredible durability when it comes to weather.

A lot of cemeteries have begun placing restrictions on the markers that will be permitted to be installed on their grounds. Some reasons for the regulations may have to do with maintenance issues or maybe an effort to obtain a more uniform look. Regardless of why the guidelines are instituted, one should be aware if their preferred facility has any and keep them in mind when designing the gravestone.

Granite is a material that provides the designer with many options. It allows one to step away from the regular grey stone and choose more vibrant hues like green, blue, red, pink, black and white if so desired. They may decide to keep the traditional matte surface texture or opt for a highly polished finish that shines like a mirror and holds an etching beautifully.

There are many ways in which one may personalize the marker. One option is to etch the individual’s favorite verse, quote, passage or symbol onto the surface. A weather resistant photo frame may be built directly into the stone to house a likeness of the deceased that could last for many decades yet to come.

If one has served in the military or belonged to any special organizations, there may be a decal representing that connection that may be added to the monument. Special additions like statues, flower vases, ornamental urns and convenient seating are still more ways to create a unique grave memorial. Some providers can even incorporate solar lighting into the product so that it is always illuminated.

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