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First Edition Book Of Mormon Is Important

By Myrtle Cash
Many people are Latter Day Saints or in a more slang, everyday language are called Mormons. Throughout the world, they worship Jesus Christ as their leader and also look up to a prophet who is located in Utah and oversees the whole church worldwide. Reading the first edition Book of Mormon is unusual. Usually, the latest edition is read.

Mormons typically read Scriptures every day. It gives them a boost when life gets them down. They are usually committed to this daily habit if they are devout and loyal. It is recommended by the Church to do this. Life can get hard at times so rest assured that you can get guidance. Mormons feel that this is the way that they get guidance.

Prayer is also of vital importance along with reading Scriptures. People need to know that they a Higher Power cares about them and knows everything about them. Prayers do get answered even when it feels like they are not answered. Some people are tempted to not keep praying because they feel God did not hear them. It is wise to be diligent despite those feelings.

We do not know what a Higher Power is doing. He or She could be helping, but since they are on a different plane that we are, we do not see what is going on. It is of vital importance then to keep praying even if it looks like nothing is happening. That is faith and God likes it when people trust Him even if they do not see His results yet.

Going back in history, you will find facts about Joseph Smith being the first prophet of the Mormon Church. He endured much hardship during this time. He was eventually murdered along with his brother, Hyrum. People hated the Mormons during Smith’s time. Smith translated with the Spirit of God the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. Oliver Cowdery helped him.

Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum were killed at the same time. They were being tried for their beliefs by the governor in Missouri. Smith was tarred and feathered at one point, too. Many other Mormons were killed and treated badly during this time. This is all very sad. They were humiliated for their beliefs for things that the mobs did not understand.

It can be quite daunting to think of what must be required to lead something when many people around you do not understand what you are doing so they become bitter and unkind. It takes great courage to be a leader under such circumstances. Other leaders have undergone such treatment. Some have been martyred and others have not.

The First Edition Book of Mormon or any version is good to read. Even if you are not of the Mormon faith, it is good to explore other religions to see what you think and to learn more about how others see a Higher Power. Take what you can from this book and apply it your life if you see anything worthwhile in it.

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