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Finding A Good Staten Island Church

By Odessa Edwards
Staten Island is a city that is separated from the rest of New York and is sometimes thought of as a very secluded area. It has fewer people than other major cities in New York even though it has one of the largest areas in New York. Residents in this city enjoy nice living as their is a community of warmth and friendliness. There is never a problem finding a Staten Island church to attend as there are many different denominational churches in the area.

The city is a very diverse city and the residents come from different cultures and backgrounds. With that said, there are people of many different religions and denominations. Although, there are many different religions and faiths in Staten Island, Christianity is by far the most widespread religion in Staten Island, as it is in the entire United States.

It can be frustrating sometimes for a family not to have a place of worship, especially when the family is new to the neighborhood and enjoyed a regular house of worship in their old town. They should not get frustrated though as they are sure to find a welcoming church of their denomination. These places will help them continue their religious customs and rituals that they have always enjoyed.

It does not matter what denomination a person identifies with. There are Baptist churches, Catholic churches, Methodist churches and every other Christian denomination that you can think of. All of these churches are very welcoming to newcomers who are looking for a new place of worship.

There are different hours of worship at most churches. Sunday morning is a give in at all churches, most have Saturday service available and some offer weekday services. Seventh Day Adventist prefer to worship on Saturday to due their strong belief in what the holy day really is.

Church members often get involved in bible study. Even though much is taught in regular service, a person will gain so much knowledge when they participate in a bible study group with their peers. There are study groups that are created for certain age groups so people can study with their peers.

Lots of chueches have youth groups available for teenagers. A youth group pastor is usually in charge of the youth group and will have church members assist him or her. During their meetings, the youth group will have bible study, sing, play games and sometimes go on field trips. Usually, these youth group meetings are held in the evening during a weekday. Kids get a sense of belonging and get to have fun and worship the Lord at the same time with their peers.

Nobody should ever worry about finding a good Staten Island church. They will be sure find a friendly house of worship that offers them the same warmth that their previous community did. Finding a place of worship is very important to a family and the city of Staten Island makes it as easy as possible.

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