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Figuring Out The Jack Van Impe False Teacher Claims

By Stacey Massey
For centuries, there have been preachers and other teachers of God’s word that have been accused of being false teachers. They will usually have a large following of students and will have lots of critics who believe that they are leading people astray. The Jack Van Impe false teacher accusations that have been going around these days are widely heard. Although, his followers will defend him, his critics see him as someone who is taking advantage of those who are not so knowledgeable in God’s word.

Throughout history, there have always been false teachers. The bible frequently talked about them and predicted that during the end times the number of them would increase. They are very dangerous individuals who tell lies and take advantage of innocent people. They understand that there are many people out there who are seeking God and will be glad to lead them astray.

There are a couple of different types of false teachers out there. Some of them are people who have a master plan to deceive others for their own personal gain. They are usually in it to make money off of other people’s vulnerability.

The other type are those who ignorantly lead people astray. Even though God has not called them to teach his word, they will convince themselves that he has. They do not have the knowledge or credentials that they should have to teach. Even though these people may not seem so bad compared to those who have an agenda, they are still leading people astray and are responsible for what they are feeding people.

There are many lost people who wake up one day with a desire to live their life for God. They will eventually find a preacher that seems like a good one to them. His or her wit will seem impressive, and they will think that this person is a true teacher of God’s word. They will see that this person has all of the bible verses memorized and will convince themselves that anyone who knows all bible verses must be a true child of God.

They will not understand that just because someone has bible versus memorized does not mean that they are a true child of God. Jack Van Impe is a good example of a teacher who seems to have the entire bible memorized, yet his interpretations of those versus may be leading many people astray. Many people feel that all he does is try to make predictions instead of trying to teach people God’s word.

During his television show, he gets current events that are going on in the world and tries to see how they fit in with the great book of Revelation. He is often trying to sell his books about the end times to his viewers. His critics feel that this is his main and only objective.

When it comes to Jack Van Impe false teacher is a label that will probably follow him for the rest of his life. Because many people have different interpretations of the bible, they will have to actually see his show to decide for themselves. His show is aired late at night in most regions of the United States and in a few other countries.

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