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Fascinating Trivia Concerning The First Edition Book Of Mormon

By Lela Perkins
The First Edition Book of Mormon, in its antique form, is an expensive collectible. But, a replica of this 1830 volume is available for sale for a modest investment. Some very interesting trivia is associated with this publication. History buffs and collectors alike are finding it to be very thought provoking.

It’s not difficult to find a few of these historical books for sale on the Internet. With authenticity comes a very high price, indeed. Two originals have been offered for $69K and $98K in US currency. There are also less valuable ones for sale at under five hundred dollars, but not many.

The newest replica is called the 1830 Heritage Book of Mormon. This gives a nod to the long history and certainly family oriented religion. The purchase price is about thirty four dollars. Bound in an attractive brown leatherette cover, with gold imprinted letters, it is advertised as a way for today’s Latter Day Saints to read as the earliest saints would have done.

When the first printing took place, it was in the print shop of E. B. Grandin in Palmyra, New York. There are actually two typefaces used in the original, prompting questions about why it is this way. One particularly curious historian, Royal Skousen, has written an abstract asking why part of this important book is printed in one and part in the other. Skousen was careful to write that the scribes delivered the original manuscript personally. Even with all due diligence, one sixth was set using the first scribed manuscript. Why were the remaining five sixth not?

For Latter Day Saints, the question of legitimate history is important. The religion is relatively new compared to others in the world. Being able to authenticate and collect rare old volumes is a passion for some. One noted collector, John Hajicek, has spent a third of his lifetime collecting these rarities. He describes the process has being his passion, and believes that he is socially and fiscally responsible to do so. He has collected over 50,000 Latter Day Saint books and pieces, to date. He has the First Edition Book of Mormon online, available for viewing.

Some non-believers are concerned with following the official position of the Latter Day Saint Church over time. The organization has apparently stated that there have been no changes from the original edition to current ones. Those in opposition to the church have developed what they call a comparison machine. This allows Internet visitors to view pages of the various books side by side. When this was first done, it is said that over 4,000 changes were found. Some were passages relating to church doctrine and others were minor spelling mistakes or grammar corrections.

There is some speculation concerning why the most recent edition has been created for sale. The advertising presents the idea that the faithful will appreciate returning to the original source of the religion. As the book is widely available, many who are interested may certainly look over what it has to say.

It could be that the replica First Edition Book of Mormon is destined to be collected by many new readers. The church has enjoyed a reputation for encouraging historical study and family genealogy. History teachers often include its westward movement as integral to settling portions of the American West. Controversy and curiosity are certain to continue when it concerns this fascinating religion.

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