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Facts About The Catholic Renewal

By Marissa Velazquez
The Catholic Renewal movement is centered around the Holy Spirit and prayer. Since the Comforter breathes life into the church, it makes sense for any fresh energy to come from these directions. Through intercession, people of faith hope to bring more of the power of God into their every day lives. This gives them energy to serve others and live more in accordance with the Gospel of Christ.

Popes Benedict and Francis have shown signs of this change among Catholics. They have requested that ordinary people pray for them. To believers who are not familiar with this refreshing that is happening in the body, that would be a strange request. However the movement emphasizes the fact that believers at every level should pray for each other.

Pope Francis has publicly emphasized the important role that the Holy Spirit plays in pushing believers beyond their limitations. The Comforter is able to bring encouragement but He also prods people so that they live better lives and do not let temporary things become an impediment to successful living. He gives an added desire to take on new spiritual challenges.

The Catholic Renewal has encouraged many Christians to aim for more in their relationship with Christ. Some individuals are worried about what this will mean for them. However these can be no doubt that many are getting fresh strength to carry them through times that are difficult. Getting encouragement from friends and neighbors is valuable but that is made so much richer when people walk in a closer and more rewarding union with Jesus.

The movement made its first appearance after Vatican Council Two. Prophecies and miraculous healing signaled the beginning of a new period in the body. It reminded those who saw what was happening that their faith could also produce supernatural events. This encouraged observers to look for bigger solutions to everyday problems.

The pure faith that moved younger and older believers is able to move mountains. The unbridled joy which is expressed during Mass and at other times is displayed in ways that may seem a bit unusual in certain settings but can be easily explained with reference to the Bible. Their relationship with the Creator has brought these individuals something to raise their hands about.

The individuals who embrace the Word and believe that what God has said is truth expect more form Him. They expect greater things in their lives and they want more for those they love, whether those individuals are people they have just met or members of their own family. They are guided by the faithfulness that is shown to them every day by a loving Creator Who has no limits.

Elements in the Catholic Renewal movement have injected new life into the church. People grow through prayer and this growth has enabled individuals to reach out beyond traditional walls and embrace those who previously strayed from God. It has immensely blessed individuals who place themselves under the banner of Evangelical or Pentecostal, further uniting the body of Christ.

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