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Experience An Encounter With God

By Harriett Crosby
The creator of the universe is waiting for you to initiate an encounter with God. Pretty mind-blowing, isn’t it? It truly doesn’t make sense, but then God doesn’t operate like we do. He wants only a relationship with us, and all He asks of us is total surrender. Since most of us don’t like who we are without God, this doesn’t seem like much to give up.

The smallness of your contribution is especially evident in hindsight, when you have received the most important thing in life – your salvation. You are now a child of God, a brother or sister of Jesus Christ, and you have access to all the power that God wants to use on your behalf. For eternity, no less. Wow.

This doesn’t sound like a good deal for God. Many who reach the point of total release have messed up so much they truly need another start. However, God wants this relationship. If a person confesses sin, believes that all sin was paid for on the cross when Jesus died, and accepts that sacrifice, the way is open for salvation. You don’t have anything to give but your surrendered life. God does the rest, and the angels rejoice in heaven.

God made everything, and He made you with a need for Him. People substitute everything on earth for the One who truly satisfies, but substitutions disappoint and destroy. You have been given the ability to believe ‘in things unseen’, and, when you surrender your own life for the new life God has for you, you will feel His presence and sense His love.

The first meeting with God will not be the only one. People are stubborn and must surrender over and over as they learn to walk with their savior. Jesus is always with His followers, His brothers, and He is ready to comfort, lead, instruct, and heal. He is also quick to forgive, and the Holy Spirit shows believers when they need to ask for forgiveness.

People who know God have a testimony of answered prayer, intervention in times of stress or danger, or answers to dilemmas. The more people turn to Him and ask, the more He steps forward. He never intrudes – actually, He rarely intrudes. There’s the man who, about to leave for the mission field, was telling the Lord that he had married the wrong wife when the Lord roared at him. He surrendered his right to complain, and he and his wife had a fruitful and loving partnership for decades in South American jungles.

The Lord waits for us to accept His free gift of salvation and relationship. You can shut Him out of your life, as many do. However, the things that you think more important than God will not sustain you in this life with joy and peace, and you can’t take them along into the next life.

If you have not had an encounter with God, you are probably wondering what the point of life is, anyway. There is a point to our existence, and God holds the key. Think about it, look into your heart, and ask God to fill the void you find there.

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