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Everything You Should Know About Energy Cording

By Paula Barron
Physics teaches that there are many forms of power. They are Kinetic, potential, electric energy and many other forms. Further, physics teaches that there are forces of attraction mainly adhesive forces which are the forces of attraction between unlike molecules or particles. We also have the cohesion force which is a form of attraction between like molecules or particles. Therefore, this creates the importance of energy cording.

All these kinds of forces and energies are backed up by scientific proves. But many people have always wondered what you would call the attraction between say a mother and a child. This kind of attraction causes the mother to detect emotional problems with her child. It affects a mother just because her child is in pain.

It is neither adhesive nor cohesive. This has been experienced between twins. They are likely to share such a strong link. It would not be strange to find both crying yet they are in different places. Mainly it is mental. There are many advantages that accrue to it. On the other hand, one may be disadvantaged if he or she misuses it.

This is how it works. When an individual gets connected with another one say romantically, a bond is created. This bond draws energy from both individuals whenever any of them is connecting to the other. This kind of force creates attraction and is not affected by any media, not even distance. That explains why a person who is very far away could sense that their partner is not feeling well, or something bad is about to happen to their connecting partner.

This force is like a form of communication between people and in most cases; it happens so subconsciously that people rarely notice it. A mother may call the nanny at home concerned about her child, then it so happens that the child has just fallen sick or something while the nanny was outside. This is the same kind of force between a mother and a child.

The force does not leave anyone out. This happens as long as there is a connection between one party and the other. The link can be in very many people. When not kept under control, it may cause a lot of distress. Sometimes this distress shows itself by having unhappy emotions or even feeling tired. In extreme cases, it can cause stress, migraine or fatigue. Therefore, one ought to be cautious so as not to experience these side effects.

At this point, this is where the individual needs to undergo a mental therapy to get rid of all those connections. Remember that every connection that one has draws vigor from your body. This implies that many connections are unhealthy. Learning and using the process involved in eliminating these bonds and connection can do well to a person and has good impact on health of an individual.

Science may not have proven the existence of this impact. It may not even list it as a form of repulsion, but the fact is that there exists such a force that is not affected by any kind of media. This energy cording is so strong that it could drain a lot of strength and vigor from an individual. It is also a great impact if well managed and well used.

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