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Epic Tale Of Joshua The Odyssey

By Lela Perkins
Every now and then, the literary world is graced with a work that makes the people stop and question what they thought they knew. Joshua The Odyssey Of A Man is just such a creation. This piece of historical fiction is a skillfully written account based on the speculative life of one of history’s most famous personalities.

Dr. Theckedath Mathew, MD is the author of this widely discussed literary work. This is a fictional work that is so skillfully done that it is hard to believe one is not reading a genuine biographical account. The primary character is based on Jesus Christ and the tale centers around the nearly two decades of his life that are not mentioned in the Bible.

Joshua, a Jewish boy, is the star of this story and his tale begins at age thirteen, and picks up where Jesus’ trails off. They are both incredibly wise young men who are not like the other children and stand out in a crowd. The next eighteen years of his life are chronicled in this fictional work, giving amazing details for realistic adventures and experiences.

The Bible has no mention of Jesus between the ages of thirteen and thirty-one and endless amounts of speculation have been spent trying to figure out what he did during those missing years. Questions have swirled around where he traveled, who he met and how he spent his time. While there is no positive proof as to his actions, through intense research of lifestyles and writings from that time, Dr. Mathew has created a very credible account of what may have transpired.

The author took the time to thoroughly study the lay of the land and they way people lived during that era in order to give the readers the most accurate depiction of a man’s life during that period. He builds each character with great care to make them as realistic and personable as possible so that they virtually come alive in one’s mind. Combining these skills made it possible to generate a very plausible fictional work.

From the onset the tale is one that grips the reader’s attention and holds it steady until the very end. The main character is portrayed as a wise scholar and an avid supporter of women’s rights and equal fair treatment. Like the biblical prophet, he steps in to prevent a group of angry and self-righteous men from stoning a woman to death for a perceived sin.

He travels to many lands such as Egypt, Athens, Babylon and Rome spreading his words of wisdom, healing and teaching. He makes his way on through Mathura, Taxila and Israel interacting in the lives of people of all classes and bringing attention to the plight of the poor and needy. All accounts are historically accurate to the time period in which they are based.

Joshua The Odyssey Of A Man is definitely a must read for all people, regardless of religious beliefs. It is a tale that opens one’s mind to new possibilities and filled with interesting situations. This story is beautifully written and completely believable, making it one book the reader is going to find nearly impossible to walk away from.

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