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Drawing The Line Between Old Covenant Vs New Covenant

By Jill Faulkner
The old covenant vs new covenant debate will continue to exist because of preferences. People have different biases and they base on them to dictate their influence. Sensitive issues like this need proper discussions and not heated debates. Sometimes however, you cannot avoid this from happening.

The attribution to the citations can be one way of finding out why such difference exists. There are sayings that express thoughts about making newer pledges that will be different from those written in the past. It has not materialized into the form of writings that you see in the new chapters.

Others who would like to refute presumptions do not mean to imply that the old one should be completely trashed. While there is nothing wrong with how the content reflected past beliefs, it is still worthy of the distinction. First of all, the traditional focused on why human beings are flawed individuals.

The central theme was about the weaknesses that persisted, and this without presenting solutions to remove them. Also, there was no redeeming value as to how man can be made perfect given another context. Therefore, this links into the reality that laws are enforced because the human race is imperfect.

In the latest chapters, the take is practically different. Instead of bondage, the meanings are more about freedom. Also, it encourages the thought that humans should do good not because it is enforced by the law but because it is in their nature to do so.

It is a given that both messages will vary in appeal and coverage. With a conversely proportional thrust, you are presented with different views that will give you opposing thoughts. On the up side, you can look at this as the opportunity to get a better grasp of the elements that surround your life in general.

The former chapters indicate that the enactment of the laws were done through cursing those who took a different path. This appears harsh, direct and binding. The newer messages however speaks of a gentler tone that ends with a promise. As you can see, the arguments can be clearly defined through the wording of each message.

Despite the obvious differences between the two, there is no need to discredit the other in favor of the newer teachings that are being studied. They can always coexist with one another to serve as a comparison of how times have influenced perceptions. After all, even when the scriptures impost the need for righteousness, such words still do not make any human being righteous in a perfect sense.

Before diving head first into in depth discussions involving this topic, Christians should know each context by heart. Probably it will pave a way towards the understanding that humans are bound to renew themselves. The change in the messages may be the cause of being born again with a better grasp of faith.

Confusion will always exist so long as people fail to initiate a good understanding of the issues. The debate about the old covenant vs new covenant will remain a debatable topic. Seeking for answers can only get you far, but at least you are bound to discover many things along the way.

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