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Divine Partnership Studies And The Different Faces Of Love

By Kerry Ross
Relationships are fundamental web of the society. The unseen strings of connection that goes deeper and way beyond what many people can see. Love has always been there since the beginning and it is love that will determine the fate of humanity. It is incredible to think that whole societies have began by joining two people, a man and a women. The Divine partnership studies that a person has would ultimately lead to something that the person would want to have.

The biblical version of love is divided into many faces and highest of them all is the love that is reserved for God. It is called the agape love. To many Christians, this is the most perfect type of passion which has been described in the book of Corinthians in the Holy Bible. This is the main thing that would allow people to look on.

The storge love is the bond among mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. It is the family which would let the people seek their own things. Many of the examples are usually found in the family scripture that they need to have. The bible has given a lot of examples for the people to emulate and among these is the story of Noah and his family.

People have struggled to put meaning in love. However, this is something that cannot be seen, only felt. These are the same things that would guide the relationship that people have with one another. It is in the nature of humans to be able to give love to other people as a basic foundation of how the society works as a whole.

People who are looking for plays or games in this area are called Ludic lovers. They are most concerned of the quantity of the relationships rather than the quality. This is a trait that are most commonly seen in men. They are the ones who can quickly recover from break ups from their previous relationship.

Ludus is said to be a very flirtatious kind of emotion. Although this kind of emotion does not have biblical roots, it has been prevalent in the culture of today. It is the kind of being able to play the game. Couples who are in this commitment are not willing to go long term.

There is something a bit off about ludus, yet it attracts people who do not want to have a long term commitment. This is the chasing phase of the game where they get to enjoy exploring and getting to know the person more. People who are looking for a long term commitment should not look for people who want a ludus kind of love.

Philia is what many people can call the friendship kind of love. This is the most basic form and the one that children are usually exposed to when they are younger. It entails that both parties should appreciate each other through good times and the bad times.

Humans are made to love one another. People are meant to love and receive love in return. It is among the interesting topics that are being discussed in the Divine Partnership Studies. There are many interpretations of love and it is something that should benefit the people around the world.

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