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Discussions With When Will The Rapture Happen

By Jill Faulkner
What the future holds for man is a question that is looked into by many. It is something that comes into people’s thought, however fleeting. There are some though that really put deep thought into it and have discussions around the topic. There are so many questions about one’s life that many resources are also being looked into for answers. For the religious, there are many topics on Christ’s coming and part of that is on when will the rapture happen.

It refers to the time when the followers of Christ will get caught up in the last day so they will be together with Jesus for all eternity. Both the living and the dead are to be taken into the clouds. It will be one blessed event that many would wait for after all the injustices that happen in the years before that day.

There are references in the scriptures of when this day would come. There are also signs given for one to look out for. This would be the time that one can expect the second coming of Jesus. It is said that at the end of the seven years of tribulation, Jesus would come and gather his people and meet them in the heavens. In this time, each would comfort another.

It will then be asked who will be the ones caught up. There also are answers for that, even four, in the gospels. This includes who God gave to Jesus. It also includes people who see Jesus and believe in him. Included as well are those people God drew to Jesus and also those sharing in his flesh and blood, all of them will be raised up on this last day.

Jesus also has an answer to when this is to happen. He also gives of sign to watch out for. The day and hour may not be known but this will be during the time the tribulation will be ended and when this does happen, all of the world will know and all will see him. The time is the end of what Daniel prophesied as the seven years of tribulation.

Signs for the end of age include the beginning of sorrows. This will be the time when political unrest escalates, when there are famines, geological disturbances and disease. There would also be an increase in messianic claims. There would also be the period of the tribulation which is a period of sorrows where offenses grow into persecution, betrayal and hatred. These times lawlessness would abound and love would grow cold.

There is also reference to the abomination. In these times, Jesus warm people to head for the hills because there will be great suffering. During these times as well, there would be many claiming that christ has come but when he truly does, he assures people, all would know so the saved can be gathered.

Such time really will be terrible for all, however, you see as well that it will end. It would even be one glorious end. God will be showing his people protection and grace.

Discussions for when will the rapture happen would show how liberating faith is. It shows man that salvation happens. It shows that there is change for good even when all seem doomed.

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