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Discover Why Memphis Youth Ministry Is Becoming Popular Across The World

By Marla Mills
The gospel of Jesus Christ is finding spreading in all over the world at a speedy rate. This is to make people aware of the second coming of Christ and prepare to welcome him. For this reason, many ministries have come up to help spread the gospel and help believers hold on to their faith and believe. Memphis youth ministry is one of the ministries that is championing the spread of good news to the world.

This church is also playing pivotal role in transforming the lives of many young people across the globe. One of the ways in which the church is set to spread the gospel is by reading the word of God thoroughly. The leaders are raising people who are willing to collaborate with this vision of spreading the good news to the world. The church has teachers of the word who help people understand how to interpret the bible.

This church has the ambition of making helping the members and the global community to have faith enough to carry on in life. Faith is an essential element in the spiritual world. Without faith, it is not possible to please God. For this reason, the leaders in this church are committed to encouraging their members to emulate Christ who had faith in God. Faith is what makes you strong when you are giving up.

If you only thought that the members of this church only meet on Sundays for fellowship, you are wrong. This is because; the leaders have a good plan of how their members could be meeting in the middle of the week to encourage one other. They organize to meet in one home of their members and give each other motivation and spiritual strength.

The young people have every reason to smile in this church. The leaders in the church have young people in their minds and try to make them stronger in faith. The leaders are giving young people the right counsel they need to prove their spiritual integrity. In the same way, the pastors in charge of the young people organize retreats where the youth go for moral teachings. They help them grow together in Christ appreciating one another in love.

Intercessory is another areas that the pastors and church leaders emphasize on to all their members. This helps the members to uphold the primary function of prayer. Without prayer, it would be hard to escape the modern Christian challenges. The leaders organize overnight intercessory sessions where all members including young people learn to pray.

The church is also vocal in uniting their members and the brethren across the globe with messages of love. The leaders do it through a number of ways. The first thing they do is to produce written materials and Christian magazines that emphasize of the importance of Christian love. They ask Christians all over the world to follow the example of God and Jesus who gave impartial love.

Since spreading the word of God is their main obligation, they organize for missions and outreach trips in other nations. This is in line with the command that Christ left when he was ascending to his father. Building teamwork among young people activities is yet another responsibility of the Memphis youth ministry.

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