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Discover Why The Jack Van Impe False Prophet Is No Longer Influential

By Gloria Mason
It is fun reading the teachings and doctrines of the Jack Van Impe false prophet. This is because of the many sham and forged messages he teaches to contradict Christian faith. This is the reason why he no longer teaches on the media since the whole world would be misled. Most broadcasting stations do not accept to air his teachings since they are contradictory.

Christians differ with his teachings in a number of instances. Christians claim that Jesus the son of God was teaching of freedom for the prisoners. However, this is not the case with this particular diviner. His teachings defended the process of torturing prisoners. This was in other words encouraging killings. This is controversial with the gospel of peace and forgiveness that the son of God taught.

Killing of terrorists is yet another area that makes many people who believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ loses trust in the teachings of this untrue seer. The seer seem was advocating for murder of those who did wrong in the community. Many even belief that the seer helped the Americans fight terrorists who used to attack them. Teachings of this seer do not give sinners opportunities to repent.

The hatred that exists between the catholic and protestant churches is of great concern across the world. This was not the case in the beginning when Jesus was spreading the gospel in different cities and nations of the world. Among the things that caused this disparity are the teachings of this fake seer. He also went ahead to say that protestant churches are worse than catholic churches.

People question his teachings that revolve around the subdivisions that will occur in Rome. This is not written in the bible, although he uses some quotes in the scripture to support it. Many believers view it as lack of honor and respect for the scriptural teachings. He argues there will be a religion that will unite Christians and Islam in the last days. The bible does not record this anywhere.

What makes his teachings even funnier is the way he connects them with the current systems of government. He will give teachings that affect the working system of most government authorities. Many people criticize his teachings for saying that the top political leader is the beast that the bible talks about. This is purely untrue and with no supportive evidence.

The seer in question also censures and disapproves some great persons in the world for no good reason. Many people irrespective of denomination and faith are not happy with the way the seer disrespects the president of the United States of America. Others feel bad of the way he disapproves great evangelist Joel Osteen.

The good thing is that people have detested from his teachings and doctrines. They are not carried away from their true faith by the untrue teachings of the Jack Van Impe false prophet. They even classify his ministers as cult and spiritual misleading crew.

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