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Different Styles For Grave Memorials

By Olivia Banks
When making plans for one’s burial, it is a common practice to have a commemorative plaque or some type of monument to place atop their interment site. Inscribed with the individual’s name along with the dates on which they were born and died, and occasionally an epitaph, it is a way for one to leave their mark upon the world. There are literally thousands of design options for Graves Headstones.

Stones have been used to show burial locations throughout most of recorded time. In the beginning these were simply piles of rocks but over the years people eventually began to carve words, symbols and numbers into them as a way of personalizing the place of interment. As civilizations grew, the monuments became more elaborate and informative.

Cemetery Headstones

Placed at the head of a grave, these markers usually bare the name of the person buried there, as well as their birthday and the day of their passing. They may be one of several variations of upright stones in an endless array of shapes, or they could be a low profile slab of metal or rock. Some of the more common designs are tablets, crosses and pedestals with urns or angels on top.

In cemeteries worldwide, the most popular style is an upright granite tablet that is either free standing or perched atop a horizontal base. These are shaped as plain rectangles, have tops that are scrolled or domed, or they are cut into the shape of a religious or organizational symbol. It is common for couples or families interred in the same plot to share a single marker containing each of their information.

There are two basic variations on the simple flat slab, keeping the clean lines and low profile but adding a bit of flair. The beveled stone still has the wide base but raises the rear edge up to four inches higher than the forward one. A gravestone that is slanted will be built with the engraved surface at a forty-five degree angle for easier reading.

In some of the world’s oldest graveyards sit the inspiration for the design of Gothic tablets. Imitating the features that defined Victorian era religious architecture, they have many swirled lines, arches and intricate details such as carvings of angels. These radiate a beauty that is classic and create an intriguing facade.

Creating impressive silhouettes and resembling sleek towers, obelisks are another popular design. Inspired by structures from ancient Egyptian times, these formations are often topped with pyramids, stars, angels or eagles. There are so many grave headstones options available, making it possible to create a beautiful monument to fit most any budget.

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