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Different Aspects Of The Girl Up Conference

By Paula Barron
Women have been victims of the social injustices for quite some time. Redeeming them form this social trap is a very hard calling. This is mainly because of the hardships that at the societies make the women redeemers go through. The world leaders have been on the forefront fighting for women. The girl up conference acts as good platform on which to lay strong foundation.

The social leaders champion most of the activities aimed at redeeming the women form the social troubles. Women have been victims of various forms of social injustices. These injustices have trapped them for quite some time. To make the situation worse, there have been few activities aimed at saving them.

Women have dragged behind in matters of development because of various factors. In most cases, the girls are born timid. This situation is worsened by the fact that they are always around men. There are few who make the moves to get out of the trap. The larger number remains trapped in the social suffering circles. Still, they lack motivation. Lack of motivation aggravates the problem.

The male population can also be blamed for the miseries of the female population. Most of men are always looking down upon them. The women are seen as mere tools to justify the ends and not a way to the end. Men have been charting ways for suppressing women at homes and the different workplaces. At home, the women are seen as animals of burden whose only work is complete the chores around the homes.

Numerous types of campaigns have been established. These activities are aimed at making women better people. Various international organizations raise funds to hold the gender conferences. The world leaders also pool various resources. All these efforts are aimed at raising awareness against all kinds of social injustices against women. The main agenda of all these forums is to liberate the women from the social injustices.

Leadership forms the largest avenue through which the female population can get liberated. Through leadership, the women achieve a level of self-actualization. At this level, they have all the rights to pull themselves from the muck. The world organizations have been encouraging them to dive into politics. Through the politics, they are able to read the minds of men. This is a very good ground on which to champion for their rights.

Men have for long been the kingpins of most of the business organizations. This means that for women to venture in businesses, they have to be bold since they face various types of opposition and rivalry. The financial institutions have championed a way for the women. Most of the banks are offering very good offers. There are various types of loans which the women can take up. This forms a very good foundation for women who want to venture into the business world.

Education is very sound platform on which can lay a foundation for their lives. Educating a woman has greater effects on the entire community. Educating a girl is a way of turning around the entire community. This is one the main reasons why the girl up conference has focused on education so much.

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