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Demands To Adhere To During Conversion To Judaism Way Of Life

By Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn
Conversion to Judaism requires commitment to following this tradition and religious belief. This is possible through in-depth research on their customs, traditions, laws and history. This is important in helping you understand what you are getting into and how to remain rooted. It is a commitment that will spread all through your life. There are laws and commandments to follow and you will be expected to pass that knowledge to your children.

This knowledge can be gotten from speaking with other Jews in your community. You must explain the decision to loved ones and family to ensure that they are comfortable. They need to clearly understand your drive, passion and desire to convert. They will also demand an answer on why you have left the religion you were following.

Married persons need to speak to spouses about the decision they have made. Those intending to convert because of marriage will talk to a rabbi who might tell them that Im a rabbi, and will not just allow you to convert for marriage sake. There must be an inner drive and resolve. It is not a publicity affair.

When the decision on conversion to Judaism has been made, you should seek an appointment with a licensed rabbi to discuss and finalize the process. The rabbi will try to talk you out of it in order to check your commitment. This is a test that must be handled well if the process is to proceed. You must indicate a genuine desire to convert.

Classes can take over a year to complete as you study what it takes to join Judaism. You will be introduced to their customs, history and culture. Hebrew has been the preferred language of delivery. A test will be given at the end of the exercise to gauge your understanding. You will sit in the court called Beit Din where these tests are administered.

Trainees who qualify will be taken through the immersion ceremony at Mikveh, completing conversion to Judaism. Males who have not undergone circumcision must complete this ritual. It demands that a little blood be shed for the ceremony to be complete. It is a mandatory requirement for all males seeking to convert.

The children who benefit from the conversion must not have been born before the end of the conversion ceremony. Some authorities are stricter and will disregard even a child conceived before the parent converted. They include the Orthodox and those following higher hierarchies. They demand that these children must convert on their own when they are of age.

The implication is that a mother does not pass the religion automatically to his children. Classes for children begin at the age of thirteen and this is the opportunity to convert. It is a way of ensuring that the young converts understand what they are signing up for.

Conversion to Judaism demands a great deal of understanding of the Jewish culture. The desire, intention and reason must be very clear. This decision must be made at a personal level. It is a rabbi who will guide you as you make one step after another through the life of Judaism. You will experience a total transformation when the process is complete.

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