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Deciphering The Essence Of Old Covenant Vs. New Covenant

By Lucille Combs
For a long time, people have been quite abashed by the magnitude of the unfathomable truths declared by the bible. As holy as it is, individuals from different walks of life go head to head against each other while trying to decipher such mentally poignant arguments for which no such scientific experiment can prove their existence. Yes, mind-bending indeed. But as much as life at present is entwined with the past, it is truly spiteful to ridicule those who have spent time debating the essence of the old covenant vs new covenant.

From the start, the loving God did not only make promises of salvation. He outlined specific rules that unworthy of being catechized. In religious talks, such arguments are carefully reflected and discussed. While it is pretty much of a mistake to sift through relevance of such mystifying concerns, many are just bound to do so. And why is that? It is because of the horde of people who need specific explanations.

With both covenants receiving different interpretations, most people have only become confused more instead of being enlightened. No one can easily interpret each biblical test in a layman’s term. With thousands of ministries putting forth transcendental denotations, substantial understanding is somehow slowly obtained.

Apostles and prophets spoke about akin biblical realities. The thing is, only a very few have been able to disconnect the confusing thread of their stories. Listening to their explanations is not enough, but at least you have penetrated the consequential conditions in your human actions.

A covenant is a mutual agreement between two parties. In the religious context, this is a pact between God and man sealed in an invisible envelop with which only the heart and soul know where this is kept for years. And since God is a merciful God, His anger and wrath deplete seeing His creations going sideways. He easily forgives and forgets. And that is how awesome He is as a father.

The old testament talks about the pact that God made through Moses. Such mutual agreement ought to be followed strictly yet broken just before the elders knew it. The ten commandments were violated only in minutes after Moses even had the chance to tell them.

In the Book of Jeremiah, the new agreement was established. God promises to put His laws not on a solid tablet but into His flocks’ minds and write them in their heads. The new laws, however, are stated in full in Hebrews 8:10-11.

Sticking to the covenants is an ultimate sacrifice man needs to undertake to be perfect to the Lord’s kingdom. Truth to this conjecture may yet to be known, submitting yourself to God’s order is not laughable for sure. As Christians, you need be fully in sync with His laws.

Arguments relevant to old covenant vs new covenant could remain mind-boggling. But what seems to matter much is for the faith to remain intact and be steadfastly close to Him. You are part of God’s wonderful creations anyway. So stop complaining. Just do what He needs you to.

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