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Creating A Dialogue With God

By Alison Wilcox
The question is often asked as to what the need may be in creating a dialogue with God. Some may say that it is because of the very reason that nobody else will listen to what they are trying to tell them or are asking them for with regard to requests such as getting a raise in salary for example. Some things in life we as human beings are just unable to change.

Life can sometimes seem to be a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs. Emotional highs and lows form an integral part of the life of a person. We often feel that life should be a continuous emotionally ecstatic joyride but inevitably there are disappointments along the way.

These things can take on any shape or form. People ask God for many things such as increased wealth, better health or even to have the courage to ask that special someone in their lives out on a date. Dialogue of this nature whether you talk to that special friend in your life or whether you stand on a mountain top and scream as loud as you can is an important ingredient in asking for those things that you feel may assist you in achieving those things that are important to you.

In essence should a person not formulate a dialogue of this nature whether it be with his parents or with God for that matter, he or she may not find the answers and resolutions to his or her requests. A child may not understand the reasons why a parent may say no to his or her requests and will realize that he or she may just as well stop asking for those things that are not forthcoming.

But whatever the case is and whatever the beliefs of people are, an open dialogue must take place in order to make the circumstances of a person that more beneficial to his or her own life circumstances. This can be likened to a child requesting something of his parents. He may ask for the same thing a million times over but for some reason his parents just will not give in to his requests.

This is when perhaps a person may be asking for the wrong things. Creating a dialogue of this nature is important so that we learn what we should be asking for. A dialogue such as this acts as our own spiritual guide.

The reasoning is simple here as the parents understand that eating too many sweets is not beneficial for their child. This is why sometimes in life we just do not get those things we ask for. The trick is knowing what to ask for if you find yourself not getting those things you want.

Creating a dialogue with God is not just about expecting to receive what you ask for. Sometimes it is there to teach us what not to ask for and allows us to understand the reasons why we should not have asked for certain things in the first place. But to ask is an integral part of growth and this is why people use this means of dialogue as a process of learning.

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