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Coming Up With The Answer Of When Will The Rapture Happen

By Lela Perkins
The majority of believers of Christ believe that one day the church is going to be reunited with God. Most believe that this is going to happen through what is called the rapture. Everyone knows that it is going to occur one day, but when will the rapture happen? Nobody can answer that with a definitive answer.

Many Christians who are living today believe that it will occur sometime during their lifetime. They have a good reason to believe that as many prophecies have led them to believe this. Many prophecies of the bible have come to pass that has led many believers to believe that the time of the rapture is near.

Throughout history, Christians have always thought that this event would occur before they die. Unfortunately, generation after generation has passed on and nothing has yet to occur. Christ himself stated that nobody knows when he’s going to return.

For some, the whole rapture theory is a bunch of nonsense. We are talking about Christian people here who do believe in Christ returning to earth. They just do not think that he will return in a so called rapture. Their beliefs lean more on Christ returning during the very end to rule his kingdom.

Believers in this event usually point out to the book of Thessalonians to prove their point. Even thought he word rapture is never mentioned in the manuscripts, the meeting in the clouds and other various versus that talk about this event is proof for them. Opponents of this belief often point out the origins of the belief that leads to a lady named Margaret McDonald.

If this event were to occur, when will it happen? Those who believe in the rapture frequently disagree amongst each other about this. Some believe that it’s going to occur before the tribulation period that is discussed in the great book of Revelation. Others, believe that it’s going to occur after the tribulation period, and then there are some who believe that it’s going to happen during the tribulation.

If it were to occur as pre-tribulation believers believe, then Christians won’t have to go through the pain and sufferings that mankind encounters during the tribulation. Post-tribulation believers believe that God will need his people here on earth during that time to witness to people on earth. Those who believe that it’s going to happen during the tribulation believe that God’s people will be here for a short while before finally being taken up into the clouds.

When will the rapture happen? It is a question that someone has to decide for themselves through deep studying of the bible. Only then is a person able to feel comfortable making their own mind up on what to believe.

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