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Christian Book Store Waterbury CT - A Source Of Inspiration

By Marissa Velazquez
A Christian book store Waterbury CT has a lot more to offer than an assortment of copies of the Bible. Walk into one today and you will find a dazzling array of literature on fasting, managing your financial matters based on biblical principles, how and why it is a good idea to speak in tongues, inspiring life stories and much, much more. Here, you will find everything from bookmarks listing the 66 books of the Bible to CDs, DVDs, maps, audio books and more.

Faith-based fictional novels are a new an rapidly growing segment of modern literature. Christian principles are woven into everything from westerns to love stories. If you are looking for a family saga cum murder trilogy thriller, you will find it.

The City of Waterbury in Connecticut occupies 75 square miles straddling the crossroads of interstate highways 691 and 84. Hartford, the state capital, is 33 miles north. New York City lies 77 miles southwest.

Waterbury, the “brass capital of the world” in the first half of the century, bears the motto ” Quid Aere Perennius?” which means something like “brass is eternal.” Brass is such a huge part of the city’s heritage that it bears the nickname, “The Brass City.” Another major industry at one time was the manufacture of quality timepieces.

Brass from the town was used to make the country’s nickels and now also goes into coins from South Africa. Another famous locally-produced product was the one-dollar pocketwatch, made by Robert H. Ingersoll, of which which more than 5 million were sold. Today, the city’s brass and time-making heritage is reflected in numerous clock towers and old brass factories.

There is also quite an impressive Catholic population living in Waterbury (72%). According to statistics gathered by New Haven County, the remaining religious quotient is distributed among Jews (7%), United Church of Christ (5%) and other (16%). There is obviously a sizable market for Christian artifacts, icons and literature here.

One of the oldest churches in Waterbury is St Joseph’s, the first Lithuanian church in Connecticut and commissioned in 1894. Trumping St Joseph’s is the Shrine of St Anne, established in 1886 as Waterbury’s first French Canadian parish. Also older than St Joseph’s is the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. There are those who refer to it somewhat imprecisely as Westbury Cathedral.

For those who have lost direction and are seeking inspiration, or someone who is trying to find the right present for a friend or loved one, a Christian book store Waterbury CT is an ideal place to begin their search. Who wouldn’t love a St Christopher medal or a coffee mug bearing an inspirational scripture from the world’s No. 1 best-selling book, the Holy Bible. Whether you end up with a grand family Bible or a modest paperback, whether it sits for ages untouched, someone, at some time, looking to settle a bet or seeking comfort at a sad time, is sure to pick it up and open it!

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