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Christian Apparel Helps Bear Silent Witness

By Clinton York
When we step out of our houses in the morning, we must prepare for combat. As the Bible tells us, we must gird our loins roundabout. We must don the armor of our faith and make ready to combat the enemy for each and every step of ground we gain. Using this mentality, we can think of the typical Christian tee as a flak jacket that gives us that extra level of protection we need.

The weapons the enemy employs against people are subtle and easy-to-miss. Satan employs the media as a master tactician employs troops on a battlefield. He delivers sinful messages daily in the form of television and movies, made by people who unwittingly serve him. They tell it is okay to have sex with many partners and to act selfishly against God’s Will. While not nearly as potent, Christian t-shirts can be used as a weapon to fight back in some small measure.

It is only our abilities of free speech and strength of will that let us continue to fight against such a powerful foe. We can tell nonbelievers what we like and pray for their souls at night. Just the fact that we are a proud, practicing Christian can be enough to stem the tide of sin at times. That is why I find it so discouraging that more people, especially youths, won’t even consider wearing Christian t-shirts as a means of witness.

Making my Christian brothers and sisters feel bad for not wearing Christian apparel is not my intent, but don’t you think that it’s a bit ridiculous that something we believe in so strongly and vehemently that we dedicate our lives in worship to it suddenly becomes so difficult to talk about in public? Satan has branded us nut jobs and fanatics to a world he wants to ignore us. Our only answer to this has to be to spread God’s word even farther.

It is time to ramp up our efforts to convert the sinners of America. There is not much time, and Christ could return at any moment to hold us accountable for all that we have (and have not) done. If one soul turned their eyes inward and questioned their sinful life because of Christian clothing you wore to the store, would it not be worth it? It is not a matter of what is “cool” anymore…it is a question of salvation.

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