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Cheap Bibles Are Just As Good As Expensive Ones

By Myrtle Cash
The Bible is the most sold book of all time. It has been in print for centuries. It is written in nearly every language and is available in many different translations. They range in price depending on the binding and extra content, such as devotions, so it is not difficult to find one in your price range. There are many stores in the United States where you can get cheap Bibles.

Lots of versions are available in English. Probably the one that is known the most is the King James Version. The KJV was originally translated in the early 1600s and has been in print ever since. Since it has been around for a long time, some people feel it is very accurate and many churches use it exclusively.

It is widely available because of this. The price of a KJV Bible makes no difference when it comes to the content. The only difference is what the outside looks like. If you get one that is covered with leather, or is personalized or otherwise engraved, it will cost more.

There really is not any reason why you would need to get the extras, if reading the content is all you want. Any Bible will work for that. You can usually get a no-frills King James Version Bible at a dollar store.

Another translation, the New International Version, is also widely available. This version was first published in the early 1970s. The English used in this version is more modern so it is easier for people to understand, thus making it more reader friendly.

The NIV is another version that is able to be obtained cheaply. Like the King James Version, it also can be bought with special covers. The NIV is also a more popular choice for devotional Bibles. Devotional Bibles are ones that have devotions and other personalized text that helps you to make applications to your own life. These are generally more expensive, but a standard NIV can also usually be purchased at a dollar store.

There are lots of other versions available as well. These can make for excellent reading, but are usually not able to be found as inexpensively as the previously mentioned versions. Most Bibles are not excessively expensive, though.

E-books might also be a good option if you are looking to save money. E-books can be read on many different devices and are usually priced less than books that are in print. Many different translations and versions, including those with devotionals, are available as e-books.

You can also get free Bibles from many different places. Some churches and organizations will give out Bibles to people who are interested in knowing more about the religion. Some organizations offer websites where you can give your address and name and be mailed a free one. To keep costs low, these places do not give out fancy copies, but the inside content is all the same.

There are many places where you can get cheap Bibles. It doesn’t matter how the book looks on the outside. It is completely up to you how much to spend on a Bible.

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