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Catholic Renewal Brings People Closer To Faith

By Claudette Lambert
Catholic renewal is a movement that started in the Roman Catholic Church in the 20th century. In its initial days, the movement was widely criticized and even today there are people who believe that the movement brought more harm than good. But on the other hand, some agree with the ideas of the movement and believe that it brought about a positive change.

One of the changes that were brought about by these reforms was the translation of the Bible and some texts. Since the initial days, the Bible has been written in Latin language and it was in this language that the followers had to read it. But even with sermons and explanations by ministers during Mass, it becomes difficult for people to understand the real meaning, if Latin is not their native language.

When one does not understand something, they find it difficult to connect with it. And one can see that the same thing happens with people who do not understand their religious texts. To help them improve their understanding, it was decided that the Bible would be translated into the native languages of the followers.

Study also helps in staying connected to our faith. As long faithful keep reading and studying the teachings, and listening to what the seniors preach, the process of deepening of faith continues. This is the actual purpose of having so many translations of the Holy Book.

The other reform was brought about in the manner in which people are asked to participate in religious ceremonies, which is commonly called as liturgy. It was said that those who have faith should not participate only because they are asked to. The participation should be done in consciousness and after knowing the reason behind every ceremony.

People do not have the courage or the inclination to inquire about the purpose and significance or even the history of service. They do it because their seniors in faith have asked them to perform it. They do them more out of a sense of duty or out of fear for being reprimanded. The reform was suggested to highlight the importance of knowing about each service and about the liturgy.

Such things happen in all the religions, in all the parts of the world. Very few people today actually endeavor to learn about the history, mythology or significance of their religions. There is a lot of blind faith. The actions of the people are more out of fear that God might punish them, than out of a genuine feeling of wanting to contribute.

Services should also be performed only when they are consciously aware of what and why they are doing something, and not because someone has asked them to do something. One should be curious about faith and not afraid of it. They must have the inclination to learn and not just the feeling that a higher power needs to be pleased.

Faith, practice and study together make up a religion and all three are equally important. Absence of even one leads to blind faith and one loses their sincerity in the process. May be this was the reason behind the catholic renewal. The actual reasons, however, are only known to the leaders of the movement.

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