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Buying Wisely: Clergy Stoles for Sale

By Aileen Smith
Serving the most Almighty is one of the noblest occupations of human. Since clergies are serving in the house of God, they have to be in their finest posture. They are facing individuals, they are dealing with God. They need to wear a great robe and stole throughout the ceremony. In order to get the best clergy stoles for sale in the market, here are some suggestions to follow.

Stoles are narrow strip of material like silk which is placed on the shoulders, letting it hang down in front up to the knees. Both ends of it are fringed. They are commonly used by various religious associations. It has been used by the Western Christianity that includes Roman Catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Lutheran, and Methodist; and the Eastern Christianity that includes the Byzantine practice, Oriental Orthodox, and British Monarch. The distinctions of their stoles can be traced through the design and embroideries. Usually, there is a cross design on the stole. The stole signifies one’s responsibility to spread the word of God and it reflects the bonds of the Lord during his passion. The church also assigned some liturgical colors which signify the religious season or a certain service.

There are many kinds of clergy stoles for sale in online shops. One should recognize the type of association the stole will be used for there are numerous designs and colors to choose from according to the type of ceremony it will be used, or according to what kind of religious activities it is needed. For example, there are stoles to be used everyday like the satin pulpit stole. It is a plain-colored stole with a cross at both ends. Typically, this kind of stole is seen throughout the mass. It has range of colors like red, white, olive green, and purple. It has a practical price of forty dollars each.

Another kind of stole is clergy baptism stoles. They are used during one’s acceptance of Christianity- baptism. Sometimes it uses a candle design to stand for the light that may direct the one being baptized to the roadway of righteousness. This clergy stole economical to the spending plan. One may provide this to the priest or priest carrying out the event.

There are also some reversible clergy stoles for sale. There is a two-color combination. It may have designs like the cross or the IHS sign which stands for the first 3 letters of the name of Jesus in Greek (?? S ?? S). This sign is commonly used on ecclesiastical things. This type of stole may cost around $150 – $200. It resembles a two-in-one bundle for it is reversible.

Some clergy stoles are for the Lenten season which uses the color purple. It is a liturgical color that is widely used in most of the churches. It represents the reminiscence of the death of the Lord during Holy Week. It may or may not have a fringe on its end.

Select the right clergy stoles for sale. A high quality stole may last for a very long time.

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